Black Island Review: The dark secrets of an island swallows up a student who falls for the new mysterious teacher

Islands in films and TV shows rarely cause a lot of good; Lost to see a group of flight passengers. Which are stranded on an island after an accident, old changing visitors.

Well, like an old, fantasy island which is home to some genuinely vile nightmares, and shutter island is a less ideal goal for Leonardo Dicaprio Mental illness. Black Island, now streaming on Netflix, displays some beautiful German views – and tells a cold story. (Warning spoiler?).

Jonas teenager (Philip Froissant) lives on a beautiful and remote German island with his family.

After his grandmother and parents were killed in a separate tragic accident. Jonas lived with his cold grandfather Friedrich (Hanns Zischler). He dreamed of becoming a writer and spent his days riding his bicycle. Around the island with his friends, including Nina (Mercedes Müller).

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She also explored a romantic relationship with him. When their German teachers were involved in an accident abroad. And a mysterious new substitute arrived, everything became a little strange. This young instructor, Helena Jung (Alice Dwyer), is interested in Jonas. Encouraging it in his writing and sows without much effort.

When Jonas and Helena were getting closer, Nina grew more suspicious, wondering where Helena came from and why she was here. Nina tried to warn Jonas that not everything seemed, but she brushed it, even when their relationship developed further. Behind Helena’s personality that seems warm is a deadly plan, which will change the lives of people on this island forever.

Mercedes Müller is wonderful when Nina, the interest of Jonas’s love whose curiosity makes it pay for the price. Müller changed in a calm and homely performance, leaving most of the work to his expressive eyes and the silence between him and his scene pair. While watching him, I keep thinking about the younger Marion Cotillard; He has a unique and stunning graceful screen presence that emits a movie star vibration. If Müller were allowed to break through something truly mainstream I would not be surprised if he began to appear everywhere.

The black island starts with several promises, even if it’s very gloomy;

I prepare for something without fear and sadness. The type of thriller might be the same as the total bum and the trips of the cold-bone sensation. Boy, I’m disappointed. There may be some solid elements in place. But Black Island is a half-cooked effort, minimally to tell a spooky story.

A film that plants seeds have no interest in watching. It isn’t very comfortable too, because there is some real potential for something interesting here. Still, instead of building something that makes climaxes dramatically compelling. The black island edged through uncomfortable s*x scenes and conversations without use.

Thriller caught fire slowly can be very troubling and entertaining, but I’m not sure Black Island get the title; It must be slow, but there is no natural heat keeping the situation, pushing us to a particular place. When we learn the truth about what happened, there are only a few minutes left in the film. Making all the dramas revealed finally feel very rushed.

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I have high hopes for this one, especially considering the beautiful settings. And all storytelling magic that can come from telling the dark story in a beautiful place. Still, the black island shows off for the scenery – there isn’t enough story. Here to guarantee adding it to the monitoring list.

The black island may have a few bends and rounds cold. But most are Fest Snooze, lazily make the road to a sluggish climax that makes viewers feel not fulfilled.