Anupama 6 January 2021: Anupama Is Taking Vanraj’s Care

Anupama said to Baa; the doctor had said that he couldn’t eat spices so that I will make khichdi.

Kavya came outside the Shah’s house and thought V’s accident takes place because of me; that’s why I can’t deny V’s talk. I allowed him to go to Anupama’s house, but I can’t make him live there. He left Anupama because of me but now can’t he leave me for Anupama. I can’t let it happen. V is mine, and he has to return to me at any cost.

Kavya saw Anupama in the kitchen and thought, I know Anupama that you become great in V and everyone’s eye to take away V from me, but I will never let it happen. Then I have to do anything for that.

At night, Vanraj is lying on the bed, and Sanjay is helping him. At the same time, Baa said carefully, okay. Pakhi said, dad if you need anything, call me please. Vanraj replied, ” Okay, dear, thank you! Pakhi said, dad, thank you is not enough. You have to promise me that your full attention would be mine. Vanraj smiled and said, okay.

Pakhi thought because mummy can’t see anyone besides Kinju baby.

Vanraj said, thank you, Sanjay brother. Sanjay replied, take care of yourself. Dolly said, brother, I am so happy that you came back home. I just hope that everything would be normal soon. Now, you take a rest. Let’s go, Meenu, dear. Meenu said bye to Vanraj, and he also responded the same.

Vanraj looked at Samar. Samar placed a pillow below his leg and behind his neck. Baa said, don’t worry, everything will be normal. Pakhi said, papa, I will bring coffee for you. Let’s go, winter. Dad must take a rest.

In the next scene, Kavya is trying to eat food but can’t eat it because V. Kavya thinks why V does not understand my feelings. He is with Anupama. How I am supposed to deal with it. Previously when I used to see them together, then I feel bad. But I used to calm my heart that all that was a drama. But now I just can’t because whatever is happening, all this is real. Oh, God!

She closed the refrigerator, and her photo with Vanraj fall down. It is said that tragedies can lessen the distance and even raise them too. May it does not happen in Anupama, V, and my case also. May it not happen that V will go far away from me and close to Anupama.

Vanraj asked; Baa, where Paritosh and Kinjal are. Baa replied they are gone to roam at Udaipur for two days. We didn’t tell them about your accident. Otherwise, they will become tense. Vanraj smiled and said, I felt terrific after returning back to my home.

Baa replied one must feel good after returning home. It is said that man can tour over the entire world, but he will get peace at home only. Vanraj said, when my accident takes place, Baa, then my entire family, you, Bapuji, and my kids came in front of my eyes. When death came in front of one’s eyes, one will be realized who is important in life.

Baa replied, for us, you are important. Let’s take a rest now. The doctor said that if you take more rest, you will recover soon. Vanraj’s phone rang, and Kavya is calling him. He cuts the call and switched off the phone.

Kavya thinks why V switched off his phone? No, no, he must fall asleep after taking his medicines. That Anupama must do this.

Baa started singing a lullaby for Vanraj.

While Anupama’s got a call and she picked the call. Kavya asked her that she want to talk to V. Someone has switched off his phone. Anupama replied, I don’t know about his phone. But I will let you talk. Meanwhile, Baa takes the phone from Anupama. She said I don’t know about you, but it’s sleeping time of respected people, put the phone down.

Baa said to Anupama, she is shameless, but you don’t have a mind. Which wife let her husband talk to his keep? It’s not needed to be extra great. Keep this wamp away from Vanraj.

The next morning, Anupama is working on the kitchen. Samar came and said, Good morning, mom. Are you okay? Anupama responded, yes, and you? Samar indicated yes and said I would bring medicines for Mr. Shah. Okay, mom! Today is dance class, so we have to go to Nandini’s home. Please don’t forget it, okay. Anupama said, okay.

Baa said, daughter-in-law! Anupama replied, yes, Baa! Baa said to start making spinach soup for Vanraj. Anupama replied I already started making it, Baa.

Baa said, daughter-in-law! Anupama replied, yes, Baa! Baa said I know you don’t like it to do all this for Vanraj, but you have to do it. Till the time Vanraj is recovered, you should stop your dance class and all. Anupama replied, Baa, whatever you will ask me to do for him. I will do it, but the dance class will not stop.

Baa asked for you work is more important than my son. Anupama replied work is also important, Baa. We have to run the house, and for running the house, money is needed. And now, for some days, there is a guest in the house.

Baa said my son is a guest in his own house. You know what are you saying? Anupama replied I am not saying anything, Baa. The decision to leave the house was his; I am just respecting his decision.

Baa said if your class stopped for four days, you would not lose lakhs. And you can see Vanraj’s condition. The doctor ultimately said no to him to use his hand. Then who will do his eating, drinking, sitting, and standing? My body is not supporting me. I can’t do that; otherwise, I will not ask you to do it. And Pakhi is a kid now. Her class and school are also going on.

Even in such a condition, neither mother nor daughter can handle only a wife can handle her husband. And still, you both are husband and wife. Relations can’t break so easily, Anupama. And I told you that one-day, Vanraj would surely return home. See, he came back today. He chooses his family and house instead of Kavya.

Anupama replied, no, Baa. He had only chosen himself when he left the house then also and now when he came back then also! Baa, I am your daughter-in-law, so that I will respect all your words. But don’t do such expectations from me which I can’t fulfill.

Samar is telling the shopkeeper about the medicines which he wants. Nandini said if there are any tablets for releasing stress, then give that too. Samar asked for whom? Nandini replied to you. Besides, there is one more way to release stress, which I used to use, just ignore it. Samar said stress is not any neighbor that you can ignore.

But mummy’s thing is that she had very much pressure from work and home. And even she has to join the school. Mr. Shah’s homecoming and his responsibility! And besides all that when Mr. Shah came home yesterday. Baa hinted to mom by letting her glance at Mr. Shah that what she is expecting! I don’t know how she will handle such pressure.

Nandini replied, I know the pressure, emotional disturbance; Toshu brother and Kinjal are also not here, while Pakhi is younger. Only you and I are left; we have to become Anu aunty’s support system. Whether it’s household work or dance classes, we have to reduce his workload. She must never felt that she is alone in this battle.

Samar whispered how anyone couldn’t start loving you. You are so lovable. Nandini asked what! Samar replied, no, nothing. He asked the shopkeeper whether it’s done or not? Nandini thinks how I make you understand that this love and all is not my cup of tea.

Vanraj waked up and said, after a long time, I have a peaceful sleep. Our home is our home only. I have to talk to the office CEO, give them medical, and talk with the insurer. He had messages on the phone and saw them.

Vanraj remembered Kavya saying, why do you make me feel like your keep? I don’t want you, your begging love, and your favor.

He got a call from Kavya and disconnected it. Kavya again tried calling him. Vanraj attended the call, and Kavya said, V, I am contacting you since last night. Your phone was also switched off. V, I am so worried; why are you disconnecting my call again and again?

Vanraj replied, because I got peace after so many days, and I don’t want to end it. So, Goodbye! Kavya said, V, stop it. I just want to talk to you. Vanraj replied, when you talk, Kavya. You always give taunts only. And I don’t like to hear taunts. Kavya asked, V, at least tell me how your health is?

Vanraj replied, I am alive, and anyways, how will my living and death matter to you, Kavya. You threw me out of the house and said go. Go near to the Anupama and live there. Then, why are you doing this drama now?

Kavya said, V, I am not doing any drama; Sorry, V; I am really very sorry. Please forgive me, V. I don’t know what I said to you in anger, I will not do it again, V; I am sorry, V.

Vanraj said Kavya, I am not okay right now. I want to take a rest. Bye! Kavya asked V; please listen! Please let me come to meet you. I want to see you, V. Please! Please! Vanraj replied, I told you that I don’t want to talk to you right now. Don’t you understand? Goodbye! He cuts the call.

Anupama said, Baa, can you give this soup to him. Until he can’t eat anything, we can’t give him medicines. Baa showed her hand to Anupama that she is worshiping.

Anupama calls Samar loudly, then Bapuji replied he is going to have medicines for Vanraj. She thought of how he takes so long for it. Bapuji came and said, give it to me. I will bring it for Vanraj. Anupama replied, no, you sit; I will bring this for him.

Anupama is walking towards his room and remembering the wedding day. She thinks I have to handle myself; I don’t have to be weak. It’s only for a few days then everything will be fine.

Vanraj’s phone rings. He angrily picked the call, and then Kavya said, please, V; I will not do any drama. I will leave after meeting you, V. Please let me come. Please, V. After hearing all this, Anupama remembered when she saw Kavya and Vanraj together in the bedroom.

Vanraj said, Kavya, this is getting too much. Vanraj’s phone falls down. He tried to pick it up; meanwhile, Anupama came and supported him to sit back. Anupama said; actually, Baa is worshiping; that’s why I brought your soup here. After watching all this Kavya disconnected the call.

Anupama walked back into the corridor. Samar came and said, mummy, I brought the medicines. Anupama shouted, you take so long for bringing medicine. You know Baa’s worship time; Pakhi is gone to the school, and I… you must be at home Samar. I have to go to his room. Samar quickly hugged Anupama. He said, mummy, I am sorry. I am not here, and you have to go alone to that room.

Anupama replied, I feel uncomfortable when I go to that room. Samar, I understand his condition, understand Baa’s motherhood, but cannot make myself understand. I don’t have any problem making food for him but have a problem going in front of him. I got suffocated after going to that room.

Samar said, mummy, I am sorry. Now, you don’t have to go alone to that room. Mummy, I will be at home the whole day. You just tell me when, where, and what to do. I will do everything, mummy.

Vanraj tried to eat food; meanwhile, Samar and Anupama reached there. Samar goes towards Vanraj, takes the khichdi plate, and said I would get it back after making it warm. Anupama took medicine packed and said to Vanraj. These are your medicines. I told Samar everything, but you also see this.

You have to take these tablets together now after the meal. And else Samar will tell you. I am putting this here. She turned around and for going back; meanwhile, Vanraj said, Sorry!

Precap: Anupama said every relation ended between you and me. You are a son, a father, and a father-in-law in this house, nothing else. Vanraj said this year is tough for our family. We must welcome the new year after forgetting all the past things. Everyone is celebrating the new year.