Anupama 19 December 2020: Rakhi’s Evil Plans

The episode starts with Rakhi and Pramod welcoming Kinjal and Anupama to their house. Rakhi shouts to the servant, hey, set the table. And remember, Mrs. Shah doesn’t like coffee, so make a special tea for her and Kinjal’s favorite hot chocolate for her. Then, she asked Anupama to have a seat. Sit, please sit. Pramod also requests her to sit.

Rakhi said to Anupama, Mrs. Shah… Sorry! My co-in-law! I had many dreams regarding Kinjal’s wedding, but… You will still get to fulfill your dreams by giving Samar and Pakhi a grand wedding, but I have only one daughter. Shall I make a request? Anupama replied, sure. Rakhi said can we get Paritosh and Kinjal married with great pomp and show, following all the rituals and traditions. What do you say, Pramod? Pramod replied, of course, in a big way.

Rakhi then said, anyway, after the ruckus I have caused, it’s necessary to give them a traditional wedding. Or else, people will mock them for eloping to get married. Right now, people only remember the ruckus, but we will throw such a grand wedding, people will forget the ruckus and only remember the wedding.

Anupama replied, you’re absolutely right, Rakhi sister, but I can’t take such a big decision all by myself. I will tell you after talking to Baa and Bapuji. Rakhi replied, but you are ready, Mrs. Shah, aren’t you? Anupama tried to reply; meanwhile, Rakhi said, thank you so much, and I am sure you will convince others as well. Thank you.
Kinjal happily hugged Rakhi from the back and said, Mom! Rakhi said, Kinjal, listen. Pack some of your stuff. And I will send the remaining things, okay. Rakhi said to Anupama; I hope you and Baa won’t have an issue with this.

Anupama replied, no, not at all.

Rakhi further said, and Baa perhaps wouldn’t even like to see my face. Anupama replied, if you honestly apologize and keep your proposal before her, then she will agree. Kinjal said, yes, mom! And mother-in-law is there. She will set everything right. Rakhi replied I am sure.

While Kinjal went towards Pramod and hugged him! Kinjal said, mom! Rakhi replied, yes. Kinjal said, let me get my stuff. Rakhi replied, then go to the pink room as well. Some of your stuff is there as well. Take them. Okay, dear?

Kinjal turned around and started taking a selfie. Kinjal asked mom, smile. Rakhi asked Anupama, selfie, come.
On the other hand, Toshu shows the picture to the Shah family and said see. Everything is fine. Mummy again set everything right. Every child of the family becomes happy and shouts happily yes and started dancing together.

Rakhi said to Anupama, thank you, Mrs. Shah. And I apologies again for whatever I did. Rakhi then asked Pramod, hey, where are you going? Pramod replied, I am going to get gifts and sweets. My daughter is going to her in-laws for the first time. I will not send her an empty hand. I am just coming.

Anupama holds Rakhi’s hand and said, Rakhi sister, thank you very much for accepting the relationship and forgetting hatred. Thank you so much.

Rakhi tightly jerks off Anupama’s hand that she falls down, and her hands touched Rakhi’s feet. Rakhi said I have never forgotten my hatred nor your place. This is your place. At my feet! How did you like my acting? Weren’t you also deceived just like Pramod and Kinjal? I know that I am too good!

Kinjal was talking on a video call with Toshu and said I know, I am so happy. I hadn’t thought everything would be all right so quickly. Even I still can’t believe Mom has forgiven me. Toshu replied, see, that’s how parents are. They can’t stay angry at their children for long.

Samar said, well, at least someone’s love story is giving the ‘happily ever after’ feel. Nandini replied, yes, I know. Otherwise, some love stories can’t even reach till here also.

Samar and Nandini went to Toshu and joined Toshu’s video call with Kinjal. Samar said Kinjal, sister-in-law! Now, don’t start packing all your stuff, or else it will take you four days.

Vanraj thought how Anupama did manage all this?

Anupama stand up, is being fumbled, and asked, what are you doing? Rakhi replied I had thought it’s only English that you don’t understand, but you don’t even seem to understand simple Hindi. Whatever I did and said before Kinjal was all an act. It was essential to do this act in order to win my daughter’s heart. Thank you for understanding my act as reality. Kinjal believed it since you accepted it or else, she knows well how good of an actor her mother is.

Rakhi continued and said Anupama Shah; I have learned from you to coax people with sweet words. I shall finish the game that you people have started. Now I shall not bring my daughter from your house forcibly; instead, she will leave that house and return to my house. I will brainwash my daughter in such a way that she won’t hate you, people, only but Paritosh as well.

Meanwhile, Rakhi hugged Anupama and said iron cuts iron, diamond cuts diamond, and one poison’s an antidote to another. Just like my motherly love will do away yours.

Anupama turned around and saw Kinjal coming downstairs. Then Anupama hugged Rakhi and said Sorry, Rakhi sister. This wish of yours will not be fulfilled. When someone fights a family, their defeat is decided; when someone fights love, their defeat is also decided. You are fighting with family and love both. Hence, you have to lose. Forget taking away Kinjal; you will see someday you will also be ours.

You are a mother, and for a mother, nothing is more important than her children’s happiness. When you see Kinjal happy at our house, you will wish it to remain so yourself. You will come by yourself to me and say Kinjal couldn’t have a better husband than Toshu and better in-laws’ than our family. You want me to lose, but I want to win you over. And I must win.

Rakhi replied, we will see!

Anupama said this would happen, Rakhi sister. It will definitely happen. Kinjal came and said, mom, my packing is done. Rakhi asked, is it done? Good, my dear. I am going to miss you. Kinjal replied, I am going to miss you too.

Pramod said, our driver will drop you home. Anupama replied, no, Pramod brother. We will go on our own. Rakhi asked how you can; there is luggage as well. Pramod also said our daughter is going to her in-laws for the first time. Pramod said, come. Anupama replied, let’s go.

Anupama is going out; meanwhile, Rakhi holds her hand and said my daughter is leaving my house happily today, but very soon, she will return to my house from yours, crying. Anupama replied, you want to bring Kinjal back home because you think that she will not be happy in our house. We will give her such happiness and love that you will let go of your hatred. Rakhi said I would not leave but break it. I will break Kinjal and Paritosh’s relationship.

Anupama said, you will get tired of breaking relationships, Rakhi sister, but I will not get rid of joining them. Jai Shree Krishna!

Kinjal said to Anupama, thank you, mom. Thank you so much for bringing me here. I know my mother is a hot-headed one, but she loves me a lot. That’s why she got agreed so quickly. And the best thing is that she wants to do Paritosh and mine a grand wedding. Mummy, don’t you worry about expenses. I will tell mom that we will not do much expense. We shall only spend as much as required. Because for me a grand wedding is not important, but our parents’ happiness is.

Anupama replied, for taking tension of expenses, elders are there. You don’t worry, dear. Kinjal said I know mummy that you will handle it no matter how big the issue is because you are the best mother-in-law. Anupama replied, thank you.

Anupama remembers Rakhi’s words saying neither Rakhi Dave never forgotten hatred nor your place. I won’t let you but break. I will break Kinjal and Paritosh’s relation.

Kinjal and Anupama came back home. Everyone in the family becomes happy to see them. Kinjal happily hugged Paritosh, while Baa made her eyes down. Samar said, brother, you can hug me if you are feeling like it. Because on hugging me, nobody will question your upbringing, Toshu baby. Toshu whispered, I will see you.

Kinjal said to Vanraj, Jai Shree Krishna father. Vanraj replied Jai Shree Krishna. Kinjal touched his feet. He replied, sorry I came here on short notice. So I can’t bring anything for you. Keep this as my blessings. Kinjal replied, thank you. She said he(inhone) must have told you. Pakhi and Samar become shocked and asked ‘inhone.’ Right after the wedding, your tone changes from Toshu baby to formal.

Kinjal said mother-in-law set everything right. My mother happily accepted and sent so many gifts and sweets. Baa said I hope these aren’t poisoned. Anupama said Baa! Bapuji replied, how can you say like this? Mamaji said, wait, sister. I will tell you after tasting.

Mamaji tasted and fainted. Everyone becomes shocked. Baa said, brother. Bapuji asked what happened. Meanwhile, Mamaji opens his eyes and said sweets are very tasty, have them.

Kinjal said, I am so lucky. I am so so lucky that I have a mother-in-law like you. The way mother-in-law forgot about old things, went out to my home and convinced my mother, you can only do this. Thank you so much, mother-in-law, and hugged Anupama. Mamaji said she’s learned from me to let go of the past things. Bapuji said, very good! Mamaji replied, I know. I remember.

Anupama is walking in the corridor; meanwhile, Vanraj asked, what are you hiding, Anupama? You and I both know that Rakhi Dave isn’t forgiven and accept Paritosh and Kinjal so easily. It is necessary to tell the truth when we had to spend 25 years together. One can tell by seeing the face of the other. What did Rakhi Dave say?

Anupama replied people say many things in anger, which they can’t perform. Vanraj asked it means she warns today again? Anupama replied she’s just concerned about her daughter, so… Vanraj said concern, my foot. That lady can stay without food or water but can’t stay without creating a drama or humiliating someone. Anupama replied what others do is not in our hands, but we can control our actions. Vanraj said, keep your wisdom to yourself.

Anupama said, then keep your anger with you. And if we talk about Rakhi, then as time will go she will understand that Kinjal’s happiness is with Toshu. Vanraj said your overconfidence would someday spell doom for everyone. You think that you are a mother, so you can never lose, right? Anupama replied, why can’t I lose? A mother can lose but can’t accept the defeat. I will try again if I lose. Vanraj asked if you lose again then.

Anupama answered, then I will try again. I will keep trying until I win because a mother can lose everything but not her courage. Vanraj said Kinjal was saying they talked about arranging a wedding again? Anupama replied, yes, it’s happened. But I told them that I couldn’t take such a big decision on my own. We will talk when she comes here.

Vanraj said wellI both know this that Rakhi Dave isn’t forgiven and accept Paritosh and Kinjal so easily. It is necessary to tell the truth when we had to spend 25 years together. One can tell by seeing the face of the other. What did Rakhi Dave say? , at least you did one thing right. Now don’t say you will arrange the wedding because Rakhi Dave won’t go for a temple wedding with a 100 bucks donation.

Baa said that sharp-tongued now become our co-in-law. We have to tolerate her for our entire life now, but I will settle all the previous scores when she comes this time. Vanraj said Baa, call her to meet. I will be here to talk this time. Baa said the last time she had attacked us with bitter words. This time Leela will make sure to give her a task.

Vanraj said, now I shall make the final decision. The main concern of the wedding is expense and everyone can’t make the expense. The one can only do who earns as well as save too.

Vanraj thought I could tell from Anupama’s face that Rakhi Dave hasn’t mended her ways, but now I will not let her be successful in her motives.

In the next scene, Anupama makes food in the kitchen and thinks something; meanwhile, Samar flashes light from outside. Anupama said Samar, don’t do it. Samar asked mummy, do you know what talkative means? Anupama replied, talkative means who talks a lot. Samar said yes, and do you know who is the most talkative? Anupama asked who? Samar replied those are those who talk to themselves even when silent. You are quiet, but your eyes are telling me that there is something wrong.

Anupama moves her head in yes. Samar asked Rakhi aunty? Anupama asked you won’t tell anyone, right? Samar said, let’s have a kitchen code like other codes of honor, so that kitchen’s talk will remain in the kitchen only. Anupama said Rakhi sister is still not happy. Samar replied, you mean she will still try to separate sister-in-law from brother. Whether she is mad?

Anupama said Samar, where are your manners? Samar replied, sorry, mummy. But Rakhi aunty is a cyclo. Why anyone tries to spoil her own daughter’s family? Is she her daughter or someone she adopted from the streets? You told this to my sister-in-law. Anupama replied, no. Samar asked why? A

nupama said no, it is her marital home, Samar. When a girl stays with her in-laws, she can fight when she’s upset with them; hence she can’t fight when upset with them. Then she fights with her memory, her childhood, and herself. That’s why I will not let Kinjal be away from their parent’s house. I will not take away her marital home from her. Samar asked, and rakhi aunty wants to take away sister-in-law Kinjal from her in-laws. Anupama replied, but I will not let this happen.

Samar said, great, rockstar! That’s the spirit.

Precap: Anupama said I am responsible for my Baa, Bapuji, three children, households, family, and honor. I can’t make any mistakes. The rest is up to you. Kavya said to Vanraj if you don’t cover for the projects and clients you have lost in the last three months immediately, then… Vanraj asked then, what? The school head presented Anupama with her identity card and said, you would not get an entry into the school without this. Kavya said to Vanraj; then they will throw you out of a job. Vanraj thought there Anupama is taking small steps and becoming advance, whereas life is pushing me backward.