Alita Battle Angel Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot Details, Trailer

Alita Battle Angel 2 is an American cyberpunk – action film. It is based on the Japanese manga artist Yukito Kenshiro’s. The Alita Battle Angel season 2 is directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau.

This series is based on Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro. Anita Battle Angel season 2 is an action movie with this cyberpunk story; you can see a lot of action in this series. The Yukito Kishiro is the Japanese performers; this series is also based on the original video animation in 1993 as Alita battle angel season 1 this season is also done a pretty well. Fans are anxious to watch this series.

The next part will also be interested as fascinated as the first season of Alita Battle Angel.

Release date

Alita Battle Angel season 2 release date is not declared yet, but it will be releasing soon.

We did a lot of hard work for this series like the first season of Alita battle angel.

It will be a blockbuster movie like the first season. The fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of Alita battle angel two, but the release date has not been confirmed yet.

Cast details

The prominent cast names of the previous part will, are all likely to returning for the next sequel too of Alita Battle Angel season 2.

Rosa Salazar played a role as Alita
Christoph Waltz as Dr. Dyson.
Jennifer Connelly as a Dr. Chiren, Ido’s estranged ex-wife
Mahershala Ali as Vector
Ed Skrein played the role of Japan.
Jackie Earle Haley playing a role of Grewishka
Keenan Johnson interest
Lana Condor as Koyomi
Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Tanji
Casper Van Dien as Amok
Jeff Fahey as McTeague

Plot Details

The story revolves around the cyborg. The Alita that has a little and wakeup in a body, her trip goes ahead when she attempts to find her spot and portray. She wakes up with no memory of the life she forgets everything related to her life. The doctor’s also tried their best for Alita’s life. She also falls in love, and she has a dream of going to Salem to follow her dream.

Trailer Details

Alita battle angel season 2 trailer has not been released yet due to coronavirus pandemic situation; it will take time but not much. The makers for the sequel of Alita battle angel two will be releasing soon.

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