“Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar” Review: The Story of Robbing People by Making Fake Banks

In July 2020, Tamil Nadu had shocking news that three people were running a bank by opening a fake branch of the State Bank of India. It was the son of a former bank employee’s idea. Amazon Prime’s Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar web series is based on this idea. This is the latest work by producer-director Raj Kaushal, husband of acclaimed model-actress Mandira Bedi. He died in June.

Today, economic crimes, big and small, are bank failures.

Then a web series was created about them, and we encouraged them by watching them with a one-month subscription. The series shows that banks have embezzled 71,500 crore rupees in recent years. Before sinking 6,500 kroner from regular PMC bank account holders, Nirav Modi had given 11,400 kroner and Vijay Mallya to the bank for 9,432 kroner. The invoice is still pending in their case. The question lies in the system. The protagonist of the series said, “Caught how many cheaters?

The series also provides answers to why people commit fraud. There is a dialogue in it: “The only difference between living and living in a dream is delusion.” Dreamlife provokes deception because not everyone has the same opportunity to realize dreams. Bhargava Sharma (Vicky Arora) from Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) and his best friend Siddhant (Anuj Rampal) also have a dream.

While Bhargava’s parents, who worked as bankers, died due to the scam, Gopal Tandon (Manish Choudhari), the father of a foreign friend, measures everything by status. What did the two young men do? Bhargava had the idea, instead of robbing a bank, why not open a fake bank and one day take the money stored in it. The story goes that people went alone and formed caravans.

With this idea, people continued to associate with Bhargava and Siddhant.

Guru Bhargava Hari Shukla (Shishir Sharma), his son Raunak (Santos Singh), girlfriends Siddhant Reha (Alicia Chopra). And Radha Bhandari (Swati Semval) and Khushi Singh (Shreya Mutukumar) seek their life in a class relationship with a teacher Closing of bank fraud scheme be in effect. They all leave Jabalpur and open a fake bank in Hoshiargarh. The problem with the series is that after that twist, the story slips. He said to his best pupil Bhargava: “It is a matter of age, this time Dronacharya Eclavias will remain crossed.”

If you’ve ever seen web series like Local Jamtara robbing people in the world of online transactions and Global Money Theft bank robbery, then it looks like there must be an affair in the middle of Akkad Bakkad. Here the scriptwriters and directors do not understand what to do according to the realistic idea of ​​​​a fake bank. Then they started flipping the copy of the formula.

The coffers of the script fall apart because no good villain shows up or the perfect plan to trick the audience comes to the fore. Windy things happen. Nothing concrete happens on earth. Neither comedy nor thrill is excellent. One of the characters in the series says, “Lakeer to mystic is not a saying, it’s a warning. If you follow the line, you will become a fakir.” The storyteller continues to cross the line, including a mob boss involving a master and a band of thieves.

Stories of ordinary people’s robberies range from cash to mobile accounts to cryptocurrencies.

After hiding, all the characters plan to change their identity in Europe and want to live happily. The question is not whether it can happen. In essence, all of that has appeared many times in the bank robbery series. The author also failed to create characters using the story. None of the characters creates effects. Vicky Arora and Shreya Mutukumar shine in acting. An in-depth focus on lesbian relationships is the reinvention of the Hindi web series. You recently saw Aahana Kumra and Anushka Sawane in the Netflix metropolis “Call My Agent Bollywood” having sex in Mumbai. Now watch girls like Radha Bhandari and Khushi Singh from Jabalpur get competent in this 10-part series of Amazons Average Half-Hour. This can be seen as a novelty of the Akkad Bakkad type.