“Ada Twist, Scientist” Review: Series about a child who loves science from Obama and the creator of’ Doc McStuffins

Anyone who has seen the Ada Twist, Scientist book series by Andrea Beatty knows. That this is one of the few children’s series fully covers MINT topics. And attracts children’s attention with a lot of fun.

Now, Doc McStuffins creator Chris Nee has teamed up. With Obama’s Higher Ground Productions to make a television adaptation of the series.

Ada Twist, Scientist (Amanda Christine), wakes up, pats the cat, gets dressed and wakes her mother (Susan Kelechi Watson). Ada does wonders exactly why she wakes up at the same time every day. He thought he had to experiment to find out.

Hell asks many questions, but like most scientific thinking:

If you break the extraordinary into small pieces and ask the small questions first, the big answers become clear. At home with Mom Twist, Dad Twist (Taye Diggs) and her brother Arthur (Terrence Little Gardenheigh). Ada always seeks answers to her questions.

Arthur is delighted to have created a fortress outside that is structurally strong and the perfect place to play alone. But Ada and her friends – Iggy Peck, the architect (Nicholas Bed) and Rosie Revere. The engineer (Candice Kozak) – want to play there.

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They try to figure out how many children, adults, and goldfish fit just by watching. Ada suggested Arthur let them go to open the lock on the other side of the courtyard. Arthur thinks this is impossible, but his three friends set up a chain reaction to make the unbelievable possible; They even make changes if things don’t work out the first time.

In the second part, Ada, Rose and Izzy try to understand why there is no water in the bird feeder.

Arthur was accused first of not filling it, then the cat. But during the “experiment” led by Mom, Ada tried to clarify the cat’s reputation. While pointing out why evaporation could be a factor.

He created Ada Twist, Scientist, with Michelle and Barack Obama’s Higher Ground Productions. So there’s a family tree there telling parents the show will be fun and informative. And like Doc McStaffins, Ada Twist is a girl who isn’t afraid to get involved in things that don’t look childlike. This time he used the scientific method to answer all the little questions he had about life.

Iggy Pecks Design; Rosie Revere is building. The show doesn’t hide the “science is fun” message behind other story elements: Ada and her friends use their interests and skills to solve problems. Without guessing or resorting to anything mystical or magical. And after each animated segment, Ada introduces a real scientist to the audience.

This is a great destination, and if your child is interested in science:

This show will give them a head start to see some of the experiments. That Ada and her friends are doing.

The “12 angry birds” that didn’t have water in their feeders. That were the “12 lucky birds” now that Ada understood why. Maybe we didn’t realize that Mom Twist was played by Watson, one of our favourite actors today.

Now, when we hear mom talk, we only imagine a stressed Beth Pearson. Ada Twist, Scientist, is expanding the book series by adding fun. For science-loving kids and connecting them with kids of all ages.

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Each episode consists of two animated adventures from hell lasting about 10 minutes. After that, real-life scientists present themselves and their profession and make the scientific elements of their work easy to understand. These include aerospace engineer Keji Sojobi. Who developed the James Webb Space Telescope chain reaction for use in space. The desert botanist Naomi Fruha, solar engineer Sarah Cantor, and biomedical engineer James Findley.