Acute darkness can be horrifying specially for 15 days after the massive Cyclone Tauktae had passed

Cyclone Takuta destroyed their houses and electrical wires, the family suffered. Spend the night in the dark lest the lion roar.

Amreli is one of the four regions of Gujarat, where Gir, the hometown of Asian lions, is located. “Darkness gives the lion and the leopard courage,” said the human.

“The lion roars behind the dilapidated wall of my house. My family, my five cows, my cows-we live in fear. According to Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited ( According to a statement by PGVCL, 15 days after the hurricane on May 17, 191 out of 619 villages in the Amreli area still had no electricity. Distribution area.

The hurricane cut off power to 10,447 villages, 23,800 kilometers of power lines, and 11.6. Ten thousand masts and 45,039 transformers. Damaged. He was asked to get up during the hurricane but was refused. Sarpanch Hati Human from Mota Agaria village said: “Lions avoid bright areas, but our street lights will not shine in Tauktai.”

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Due to a lack of electricity, he and his brother used diesel generators to provide drinking water to the village. The lack of power also caused other changes. Kanchan Savalia, 60 years old, I agree. Over the years, he often used ravaya (wooden mixer) to skim milk. “We have an electric skimmer. I had to search the house to find it.

The hurricane damaged the family home and the cowshed. His son-in-law Ramesh said the first adjustment they had to make was to figure it out. How does the milk flow if there is no refrigerator? In the end, my mother used the old-fashioned way to keep the milk container in the water. Kanchan Savalia was in Mota Agaria Village, Rajula Taluka, Amreli, Ramesh, and her granddaughter were watching “Reminders” Skim milk.

In the nearby village of Vavdi, 45-year-old Mukta Sarola wears sunscreen while cleaning worn-out kitchen pots. These are the few items that a farmworker family can rescue from the rubble of their home, while the rest are wrapped in sheets. “When we heard that the water tank arrived, I was walking down the street carrying a flower pot. I will also get water from a nearby quarry that is currently full of rainwater. Carola said.

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Some houses in the village have in addition to the usual hand pumps. Tap water. On Monday, Mukta Sarola washed dishes in a damaged house in Bwawadi Village, Rajula Taluka District, Amreli. (Gopal Kateshia Courier Photo) In Hindorn Rajul Taluk Village, women dug bowls from the Dhatarwadi River in the village of Hindorn Rajul Taluk. The practice of fetching water in the pit and filling it with their basins can be traced back several generations.

Girls fetch water from the sandpit on the Dhatarwadi riverbed in Pueblo, India, on the outskirts of La Jura Town, Amreli. Ayush Dub, a collector in the Amreli area, said: “Some villages have problems with water distribution, but today (Monday), 99 tankers are providing 374 water trips to the village. Victims. In Mytiyala village, away from Jafrabad (Where the hurricane hits the coast) 3 miles, he said he has never seen such a prolonged blackout in the past three years.

Urban areas are also affected. Sanja Dafda lives in Jafrabad and runs an Ayurvedic clinic in Mytiyal. Take care of her children. “Our 9 and 2-year-old daughters have to sleep on the terrace. Sanjay Dafda has a grain mil Jafrabad’s home. But he had to grind grain in a diesel mill in Mytiyala village due to lack of electricity.

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Dahiben wiped away his tears on a bridge in Jafrabad port when the sun fell from the horizon. Dahiben, his tractor-driven trawler, exclaim”ed: “Cain likely Nahi, Bhai, kain nikalyu nahi! (There is nothing to save, nothing to save!) In the end, the towing rope broke, and Vance gave up his efforts to save the trawIt’s It’s already the fifth day. When Wan Qi found the trawler, Wan Qi thought he had solved his problem.

After five days looking for a cycle”ne. “We paid 1 million rupees this year to rent this boat, hoping to use our income to get it back. But now our fishing gear and fishing gear worth thousands of rupees have been washed, ” Rahul said. The 19-year-old son dropped out of school to work with his father. Vance worries that the government still has no information on compensating” on. “Our boat was inspected by a team from the Ministry of Fisheries. But we heard nothing. The local fishing guide said more.