Aashram Season 2 Coming Soon

The MX player launched one of their most expensive productions on August 18, 2020. Since then, this series is one of the buzzes around the world. Yes, we are talking about the new Indian crime-drama Aashram. It is common knowledge that Prakash Jha is the director and the showrunner of the series. Moreover, this is the web debut of the Bollywood star Bobby Deol on an OTT.

OTT is an abbreviation for Over The Top. It refers to the platforms having a license to provide viewers access to movies or TV shows by directly sending the media through the internet. In other words, the services which help us stream videos over the internet. Are Over The Top- OTT. For instance, the most famous OTT providers worldwide are YouTube, Netflix, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Furthermore, the show gathered tremendously positive responses from the audience. From the day of releasing the Aashram, we have seen the number of the show’s fans growing exponentially. And that’s what the show’s producers wanted to check before releasing the Part II of season 1.

What is Part II of Season 1?

We have already covered this part in our other article; you can also go through it from the link below. It is an exciting read, disclosing some of the facts about the show Aashram.


Release Date for Aashram Season 2:

If you have already gone through the article, we recommend the above. It might have been cleared to you that season 2 is by far away to know anything about it. And if that’s not making any sense to you, it is because you have seen the teaser and didn’t go through the article as mentioned earlier. I told you it was an interesting read. What are you waiting for now? Please go check it out.

Furthermore, the MX Player will launch Part II of season 1 soon enough. However, no official announcement is made declaring the precise date of airing the next dark, suspenseful and unusual episodes of Aashram.

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The Aashram’s Bhakts:

The fans(bhakts) just can’t wait for the next release to continue the story from where it left off. As the story has much more to reveal about the Dhongi Baba and many more secrets will surface in the upcoming part of season 1. Whom the fans are referring to as season 2 of Aashram. However, if everything goes well and looking at the success stats, we genuinely believe that there can be an entire season 2 of the show Aashram next year.

Until then, and much before that, we have our eyes lying on Part II of season 1. We wish MX Player will give an official date for the launch soon enough to update you with the same ASAP.

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Conclusion of the Aashram:

It is the best MX Player original and the best web series available to watch. It covers all, and our beloved director questions several genuine issues like casteism, blind faith, and mostly the unquestionable belief. He has also shown the effects and impacts of these subjects on our society. In a very beautiful and to the point way. These are real-life day to day issues people face in India, and it needs to be portrayed in front of the audience. So that they should learn while there is time.

The conclusion rests with Aashram being a must-watch. If you haven’t gone through it yet. Check it out on MX Player, and the best part is it is free to watch. You don’t need any subscription to stream. What more can we ask?