‘A Hero’: Asghar Farhadi chewed more than he bite in a fine Samaria story

In films such as “separation,” “past,” and “Salesman,” Director-Iran, Asghar Farhadi. It has shown a unique ability to take “ordinary” human situations. Usually in front of the domestic, and play it in an identical way.

Authentic but tense that they give you the sensation of life itself if observed quite close. “A hero,” Farhadi’s latest film (this fourth for Prime in Cannes), really wanted to be a drama from ILK.

The story of a man who is full of or busy and desperate who becomes, too. The numbers are widely discussed. On television and social media are stories. That can readily imagine in the Maelstrom Bubble culture of our own Hereka.

Rahim, the central character, serve time for unpaid debt:

It has been given a two-day leave of prison. Where he launches a plan to save the situation. Amir is finished, the actor who plays it is handsome in plasita, sometimes almost frozen.

He resembled Armand Armand Assante, and when he smiled with the warmth that signalled the people around him. But there is a speciality to the uterus that sees the trim’s inner fear. As we learned, he was a man who secretly sank.

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He borrowed money from loan sharks to start a business. Which was then paid off by Braham (Mohsen Tanabandeh), creditors dyspepsia uterine. Who has now placed him in prison.

The uterus owes 150,000 tomans, not because he is deadbeat; His partner ran with the money. But he needs to find a way to extinguish debt. And when Farkhondeh (Sahar Goldust), the uterus secretly sees. Finding a lost handbag with 17 gold coins in it seems to be a way out.

But the price of gold has fallen (at least for two days he left the prison). So the uterus launched a more ambitious plan – and ambiguous. He added leaflets with his telephone number to try to find people who lost gold.

A woman appeared, crying, claiming her money, and the uterus (working through her sister) returned the gold. He invites to TV to explain what had happened. He needs the coin to pay off the debt, and still, he returned the coin. He became a parable of living and breathing media from Iranian altruism.

“A hero,” located in Shiraz City, suggested that Iran contemporary eat these stories;

They are ritual demonstrations to people how good they are. The uterus, who was the sole father of a stutters son, was presented to the audience as a humane mixed motif figure who was calmly tortured.

He knew that he had to return the money, and indeed (he thought Karma might burn it if he didn’t), but he also tried to play his good deeds for his benefit, for more reasonable reasons. He threw himself a preserver. Does it work? Let’s say there are no good deeds that are not punished.

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Farhadi held a very effective scene, showing what happened in the community who raised ordinary people to “heroes” but, as a result, did not trust the stories themselves.

Where they pass the collection plate for him; For a moment, he was a poster man. But he still didn’t have enough money to pay Braham back. And the bald, bearded, frown Braham. Who surprised us as Scrooge / Mr Potter number. It has revealed to have a story behind his error.

As a result of the money he gave the uterus:

He lost a marriage to his daughter (Sarina Farhadi), with whom he was running an art shop in a shopping centre. He wants what he owes.

And when he questioned the engine creation of a public image that has raised the uterus. Saying that people should not be ionized. Only to do the right thing, he instead has points. The uterus gets out of prison for the second time, trying to get a job. When an Intelligence Officer Self-Council Sirai.

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It felt that something is suspicious about his gold-coin story. He investigates it with the state police teacher. The woman claimed the money had now disappeared. And the uterus arranged Farkhondeh to pretend to be her.