“A Fiancé for Christmas” Review: Showing off Why You Shouldn’t Make Fake Wedding Records Even When You’re Stressed

Amanda Peyton stars as Sawyer, an obstetrician who has no work-life balance. He’s working full-time and has no life – and he’ll have to fix it if he wants to start training after his boss retires. He agrees to go to a coffee meeting with his patient brother, Landon (Adam Gregory), his partner!

The worker has an evil plan to lighten his mood. Why don’t you pretend you’re getting married and do the marriage registration? Scanning weapons is fun, you know! Sawyer relaxed and happy:

But one weakness in this system exposes his private list to the public.

Before he even knows it, all of Sawyer’s friends find him. And give him a surprising bridal shower full of gifts, cakes and visits from his domineering and passionate mother (Marie Osmond). And when she needs a man to play the fake fiancé, she must choose the only man in time.

Landon, the man she is blind to. Can Sawyer and Landon go to the same page? And continue this lie throughout the holidays so as not to annoy everyone? And will this fake relationship undermine Sawyer’s career aspirations?

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And will everyone in Sawyer’s life relax for a while and no longer force them to put on their wedding dresses and Baby’s First Christmas ornaments?! Sarah Jane Jenson plays Sawyer Jules’ partner, who plays fast and free with social norms.

It was he who gently bullied Sawyer into setting up a fake engagement note. And then brought an unopened jar of sugar cookie dough to Sawyer as an apology. Jules’s every move is a little wrong, a little bit. Too harsh a word for the vacation movie of a lifetime but isn’t it?

Let this Christmas fiancé be an educational moment for next year’s movie about fake holiday relationships:

You need to step up your game to make it memorable. Fiance for Christmas is trying – and trying to stand out in the bustling holiday film subgenre. It’s a Movie of a Lifetime. Know It’s a Movie of a Lifetime, and it goes crazy with 10.

Everything in this movie is a little extra, especially since everyone around Sawyer is justifying lies to the point. Where she suddenly gets pregnant on her honeymoon with Landon, whom everyone calls Josh Run. Even their promotions suddenly depended on their engagement!

Peyton was amused whenever Sawyer was in Sugar’s reach; it was big and wide and unexpected. Adam Gregory somehow made Landon’s split-second decision to agree to this lie on behalf of a stranger’s reputation for understanding the character of a very handsome man. And Marie Osmond’s mother is well. Overnight she turned a room into a nursery for her unmarried baby daughter. This is irresponsible driving.

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Any other year, all those big swings will be enough to make the groom stand out for Christmas. The problem is that the other three films with the same plot – Love Hard, An Unexpected Christmas, The Single All the Way – are excellent.

For example, they are all somehow original and unique while sharing the same of the plot elements. After 2021, it’s really going to be very hard for a fake romantic holiday movie to come out of the shadows – wildly Unexpected Christmas, the perfectly perfect holiday TV movie.

At least until you see the other fake romantic holiday movies of the year, Christmas grooms are still fun but challenging to compete with.