“A Boy Called Christmas” Review: Where Maggie Smith Tells A New Version Of Santa’s Origin

A boy named Christmas is presented just like any movie should be presented as a bedtime story by Maggie Smith. This is an old story about a little boy named Nicholas (Henry Loful). Who lives in the forest in ancient Finland with his father Joel (Michiel Huisman).

At the request of Nicholas Joel, he often tells about a young girl named Lumi and her journey. Into the magical land which is called Elfhelm. According to Nicholas, that beautiful life (well, it’s true; Joel knows better) is disrupted when the king (Jim Broadbent).

The orders the most formidable of villagers to leave their kingdom to give back something that inspires hope. Whoever manages it gets a prize – and Joel knows that his family of two needs dough!

Joel goes on a mission to find this hazy idea of ​​hope:

Leave Nicholas in the “care” of his terrible aunt, Carolta (Kristen Wiig). But when the days turned to weeks. And there was still no trace of his father. Nicholas decided to visit him and Elfhelm. The boy takes the familiar field mouse Miyka and begins his epic quest.

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It’s good I can’t reduce it to being an artist. King Jim Broadbent had a minor role, but he was responsible for some of the biggest jokes in the film. And Kristen Wiig and Sally Hawkins enjoy playing supernatural villains.

But I’ll leave it to Stephen Merchant as the voice of Mouse Mouse. He managed to make Miyka condescending and naive at the same time. This is a versatile, intelligent, and captivating feat for mice learning to speak one word at a time.

A Boy Called Christmas” is one such film. It’s a movie you watch as a kid, and then years later. You think, “Wait, did I really see a horse drowning in a muddy swamp because it can’t conquer grief?” The NeverEnding Story and “A Boy Called Christmas” got me thinking. “Wait – did I actually see Kristen Wiig do that a bit?” This is a Christmas movie for kids who aren’t afraid to be cold and dark like they are, often December.

But the film also has a lot of warmth and light. And the balance that’s finally found between the two is satisfying. It helped that everyone involved in A Boy Called Christmas approached their roles with equal enthusiasm. From the production design to the performance. There are a lot of hearts in there – strange hearts, but hearts.

And everything works, all the dark tendencies of this film work:

Because Henry Loful plays Nicholas/Christmas with his eyes wide open in astonishment and seriousness. This is a complex gameplay character because they can be easily found as one-dimensional and, worse, very gullible. Lawful sometimes thought of Nicholas as an unsuspecting person, but he always played the boy with pragmatism and determination.

Based on Matthew Hague’s 2016 children’s novel of the same name, the story is familiar (from Santa Claus). By familiar (looking for good characters) – but this is not a critique.

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I think “A Boy Called Christmas” has so much originality. From the look to the gist of the Christmas mythology, that this reliable story structure feels unpredictable. You know the boy named Christmas, whose name is Nicholas, is going to end up like Santa Claus.

But you’re not sure how or which allies will see him slide down his first chimney. And while adults have seen dozens of movies that explore the old Santa questions in various ways.

A Boy Called Christmas” will give many kids their answers this holiday season. And I think they’ll be happy to rely on them to embark on as many Santa’s Story adventures as possible. Parents love Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town, Santa Claus: The Movie or The Santa Clause.