“1000 Miles from Christmas” Review: Where Examiners Fell Cruel Holidays Reluctantly To Learn The Real Reason For The Season

It might be a few days after Christmas. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to add another Christmas rum comma to the list. 1000 Miles from Christmas, now live on Netflix, is a last-minute entry into the platform’s holiday offering. This Spanish film tells the story of Raoul, a man who hates Christmas so much.

That he orders a beach vacation every year to get rid of all the celebrations. However, when he is sent to the most Christmas place he has ever been. Raoul begins to understand why holidays mean so much to so many people for his last job before the holidays.

Raoul (Tamar Novas) hates Christmas. The hot-tempered and cynical examiner had his reasons – killed his childhood dog in a Christmas parade. he caught his girlfriend cheating on New Year’s Eve, his grandmother died on Christmas Eve, even his parents announced their divorce on Christmas Eve, and so on.

And he doesn’t want to change his mind anytime soon. Every year he plans to hit the beach around Christmas to escape the celebrations, which was no different. When his boss also told him he had to do an audit before he left. He was upset to learn that his last job before the holidays was in Valverde. A city that could become Spain’s Christmas capital. He starts things off by running into a Christmas package, and when he arrives. He finds out that he is auditing a Christmas cake factory. Just luck.

Despite Raoul’s irritable demeanour, the city was mercilessly kind to him.

Including the teacher/birth leader / CPR coach/everything else between Paula (Andrea Ross) and his mother Blanca (Veronica Forke). When he discovers an inconsistency in a factory report. After the town has slowly fascinated him, he gives the owner’s son Mateo (Peter Vives) a few days to make amends.

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He quickly falls in love with Paula, and the two get together over Christmas dinner and skits. After Paula took Raoul to It’s a Wonderful Life, they both cried until the end. Their relationship grew more assertive. Unfortunately, jealous Mateo (who has crushed Paula since childhood) comes up with a plan.

To invite the entire city against Raul, and he’s been working on it for quite some time. Only time will tell whether Raoul Mateos can undo evil lies, win Paula’s heart. And save the city as they know it – all until he learns the true meaning of Christmas.

There comes a time in all Christmas movie celebrations. When one gets a little tired of the predictable storylines, snowy kisses, and Christmas magic. Fortunately, the 1,000 miles of Christmas don’t end; on the contrary, captivating against all odds. The whole film is incredibly calming, even if it hits a familiar rhythm and goes in the direction we all hope for. It does not matter.

The cast is incredibly energetic and unique, has strong chemistry that’s rare in this type of film, and there are some entertaining series out there. Even when it gets mundane, don’t shudder because 1,000 miles from Christmas seems to know what kind of story it’s trying to tell. Everything is a pleasant surprise, from topics of support, togetherness, and love to silly jokes, including slides, falls, and showers with various sugars.

Apart from having the right ingredients in the cast and story:

The 1000 Miles from Christmas staging couldn’t have been better; This beautiful city is covered in snow, soft and lovely as powdered sugar, making the whole place look like a factory product for a movie Christmas holiday.

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Part of the comfort of a film going through this year is knowing what to expect, and 1000 Miles from Christmas certainly pays off in that but also breathing in what tired and in the hands of other directors look joyless, new life. 1000 Mile Christmas is heartwarming, crazy, and a lot of fun from start to finish, this year’s (and maybe even next) Christmas tail shoe.

1000 Miles from Christmas surprises with its charm, utterly delightful in some places and soothing as a cup of hot chocolate at Christmas.