Youtube Channel – growing up new small business startup

Youtube is a tool if used properly can help you reach great heights and any goal you are trying to, but its all up to you!! There are tons of people working from years on youtube saying, “ Why it’s not working!”. So if you want to get results, focus on the ways that things are and work on that platform. A simple question that bothers any Youtuber is how to increase Youtube subscribers? It’s not just the content of the video alone that lets you jump from 10k to 100k subscribers. There’s much more to its. Well, there is nothing wrong with asking friends and family or doing anything you can to get a subscriber.

Join various Youtube communities across Reddit or Facebook. One such community is Tube Ritual Community with more than 11k members. But remember “ Not to sub for sub”. Do not piss off the top Youtubers. Don’t use their channel that they worked so hard for just for your promotional advertisements.

Get your channel monetized. Strive to become monetized. It may take long such as 6 months or year as creating videos takes a lot of time and energy. With time you may need more accessories like a camera, microphones and so on, where this money will helpful. Keep uploading and be consistent. Make it your hobby and just enjoy the process of uploading and publishing videos.

Try experimenting with different videos. Many YouTubers are using the same thumbnail styles for all their videos and same editing style. Think different and do different things paying attention to best practices. Start with focusing on just the top 10 important things and get to 1000 subscribers so much faster. Go back to the videos when you first started. Check the difference in your work. The more you can own your suckage the more you improve. It’s not about the algorithm but it’s about your knowledge. Rather than being the best, focus to be an important source.

Make videos people are excited to watch. Create interesting, engaging and compelling titles and thumbnail so that viewers wanna click on.

You can also get youtube views likes and subscribers for free by using youtube subscribers platform. This will save your time and also promote your channel by simplifying subscribers exchange process. You watch, like and subscribe to someone else channel and they will do the same for you.

Yes, Youtube is hard but its all in your control. Set goals and work towards them every single day taking the ownership and responsibility of your work.