Tumblr Thread: Teaching Dog To Speak Using Buttons With Recorded Words

Dogs are social creatures that live together, so they need a dog language to get along. How dog communicates with each other is based on a general signal system.

Obviously, dogs cannot speak, so they are “language” that consist of other signals – especially body language, such as movement and ear and tail positions, and how a dog places himself near another dog.

Your dog’s ancestors survive by forming a package hunted together, communicably protected, and the defence area of ​​outsiders. And while two individuals can get along, more and more individuals added to a group increase the likelihood of arguments. Constant fights and injuries weaken the group. Survival depends on each dog and puppy – in groups that are healthy and productive.

Dog language does not only allow dogs to communicate and understand each other. This is also a system used for conflict resolution, including calming signals that immediately fight. In fact, once you understand how dogs communicate and the way they interpret your verbal and silent body language, you can communicate better with your puppy.

How do dogs communicate:

Dog communication is a complex body language system, vocalization, and aroma. These signals strengthen the social position of the dog in the group.

Dogs are quite flexible with members of their family group. That is why it is very important to socialize your puppy earlier and continue his life. Your dog considers you – and other people and pets in the household – to be part of the group of his family, and act accordingly.

Why is it important:

Many behavioral problems arise from normal dog behavior such as chewing, barking and more. Often, even though we think we are crying by directing and voicing for our pet: we actually don’t communicate in a way that our dog can understand.

Even though your communication of your pet is clear to you, often as if trying to understand foreign languages ​​to a dog. They can only interpret the best way they know.

If your relationship will reach its full potential, it is important for you to understand how your dog communicates so you can be more effective in teaching it.

Don’t expect puppies (or adult dogs in this case) to automatically understand and read your mind. Puppies make behavioral mistakes because they don’t know better and more often than not that communication failure on our side! Participate in puppy training classes and work with certified dog coaches from an early age can be very helpful.


Compared to your puppy, humans are hearts of deafness and blind aroma. It makes us unlikely to understand some smoother canine signals. But by paying attention to body language and clear vocal cues that give us, we can learn to interpret a clearer canin signal.

Dogs evolved with the ability and interest to pay attention to humans they love. So your puppy will meet you in the middle of the road, given the opportunity, and learn great human vocabulary, especially when the words and tones and training efforts are used with consistency.

Dogs use body language, vocalization and aroma alone or in combination. Each type of communication has advantages and disadvantages.