The visit of the minister’s chairman to the prosthesis of Keshav Prasad Maurya is clear with the design

During the past week, the top leaders of Sangh Parivar had made many visits to Lucknow even when the Uttar Minister Pradesh Yogi Adityanath made a point to call the BJP leadership trio over Narendra Modi-Amit Shah-J. Pp. Nadda in Delhi. It can be predicted.

These interactions have been officially described as ‘routine exercises’ in the upcoming state assembly process in the most populous and political state of India. However, regardless of such claims, it is pretty clear that everything is still not good with the party in power.

What starts, maybe, as an upheaval between the leadership of the ruling party and the minister’s head over the induction of the prime minister’s nomination, A.K. Sharma, into the yogi cabinet, seems to have a snowball into the open faction in the Sangh Parivar.

A former Gujarat cadre officer who remained part of the Coterie Inner Modi for 21 years long, Sharma left for premature retirement about two years before retiring. He was placed in Lucknow, where he was directly nominated as a member of the Legislative Council (MLC) – a step that was seen as a precursor for his appointment as the Deputy Ministerial Minister.

With two representatives of the existing CMS, Dinesh Sharma and Keshav Prasad Maurya, the word is a former Modi Personal Secretary made by the third cm representative or will replace one of the two.

Dictate of high command proved to make Adityanath uncomfortable. Initially, he tried to delay the problem, but as time went on and Delhi continued to install pressure, the minister’s head over chose to change challenging and flatly refused to bring Sharma. He opposed the idea to allow other parallel power centres to grow, and it was also under the direct protection of the prime minister.

Shortly after the party’s defeat in the West Bengal Assembly election, this deadlock seemed to suggest Yogi now see Modi as a weakening force. After all, the Duo Modi-Shah did not leave the stone missed to provide the Trinamool Congress for the money. However, they failed sadly in revoking TMC from the country, and Mamata Banerjee fought nonstop to mod to an unbeaten defeat of a shameful defeat.

The way the event then opened – Sharma had ended with an insignificant vice-president post in the BJP State organization (which already had 16 vice-presidents) – sending hard and explicit messages that Aditentalath escaped with its opener against the Prime Minister.

This was followed by a round of other visits by the top RSS and BJP leaders, which once again held closed confidence with party functionaries, ministers and legislators. The buzz that travelled around consulted most of them against their revenge on alleged “indifference and indifference” and “unresponsive” attitude.

Because Keshav Prasad Maurya is believed to be the most prominent face among many unhappy, the word was sent from Sangh Parivar to Yogi that he had to improve the morning with this deputy cm. Pat stated the decision of the Senior RSS leaders, who had arrived from Delhi, to visit Maurya. The pretext is to bless the son and the son of Maurya’s new married woman. Yogi, who did not care about attending a wedding, immediately joined the RSS leaders on this trip to Maurya’s house, almost 75 meters from the official minister’s official residence.