Taliban arrested the Afghan border intersection with Iran

Taliban fighters have taken control of the central district in Western Afghanistan, which includes an essential border across Iran, Afghan security officials said, when armed groups continued rapid military progress throughout the country.

Last week, the Taliban flooded the area bordering five countries – Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China and Pakistan – because foreign troops ended their 20-year intervention and the domestic security situation deteriorated. “We monitor the slightest movement near the border,” said Brigadier General Farhad Arianfar, a commander of the Iranian Army Army, quoted by the State News Agency IRNA.

The border guards and elite revolutionary guards also take part in the operation.

“We will not allow smuggling operations or invalid entries on this border,” said Arianfar during a border zone tour. The battle pitched between Taliban fighters, and Afghan government forces were also ongoing in the North Balkh Province bordering Uzbekistan.

Two senior security officials told the Reuters news agency in anonymity that the Islamic border Qala crossed with Iran, located in Herat Province, has fallen into the Taliban and that Afghan security officers and customs have fled across the border.

Al Aalam TV, Iran’s official Arabic language service, also reported that the Afghan army had entered the Iranian region through the border intersection to escape the Taliban. Tareq Arian, the Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman, told the AFP news agency in Kabul that government forces tried to reclaim Qala Islam.

Hundreds of soldiers were deployed to the region, said the ministry, added that the battle continued with the suburb of Qala-e-Naw, where the Taliban previously seized the main government buildings in the city, including the police headquarters.

“The city is fully [behind] under our control and we are carrying out operations against the Taliban in the suburbs,” Fawad Defense Ministry spokesman said safely. The ministry said 69 Taliban fighters were killed in operations at the edge of Qala-e-Naw – the first significant provincial capital entered by their fighters.

The rest of the Badghis province is in the hands of the Taliban. Western security officials said the Taliban had arrested more than 100 districts in Afghanistan.

The Taliban made an increase.

Taliban said it held more than 200 districts in 34 provinces consisting of half the country. The main cities remain under the control of the government.

The group has obtained the area for weeks but accelerated its impulse because the United States emptied its main Afghan base and effectively ended the intervention, which began with removing the Taliban government in 2001.

The progress of the Taliban has been very dramatic in the northern province, where they have long been stored in the bay.

The calculation of the Peace Stop-Start between the government and the group remains inconclusive. The Taliban delegation visited Iran on Wednesday and was in Moscow on Thursday.

Defending the decision to attract US troops from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden said that he did not expect the Taliban to take over the entire country and that he trusted the Afghan military.

Humanity Concerns:

As a continued battle, an official of the World Health Organization (WHO) said health workers struggled to get drugs and supplied to Afghanistan and that some staff had escaped after attacked the facilities.

WHO WHO emergency director, Rick Brennan, said at least 18.4 million people need humanitarian assistance. Including the 3.1 million of the children at risk of lack of acute nutrition.

“We are worried about our lack of access to be able to provide important medicines and supplies and we are worried about health care attacks,” Brennan, who spoke through Videolink from Cairo, said the UN briefing in Geneva.

US donations from more than 1.4 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrived on Friday, said agent of children u.n. UNICEF.