After a lot started wrong, IMD said Monsoon would hit Delhi today

Reeling under the heat and high moisture, the Delhi-NCR population, can finally get relieved. The MET department says the rainy season is delayed for a long time. It is likely to regulate the area on Sunday, bringing some bathrooms behind, lowering the temperature for the next few days.

However, Delhi will be alert. So far, the rainy season has repeatedly failed to maintain – more precisely, the Meteorological Department of India – dating the capital. The IMD initially estimated Monsoon’s arrival around mid-June, which would make it one of the earliest onset above Delhi.

The next onset window, July the first week, also passed without signs of rain-bearing systems. If the rainy season finally regarding the city on Sunday, it will be the most delayed arrival in 19 years.

Only light rain is likely for the next 4 days.

Delhi had last seen the more delayed onset of monsoons in 2002, when it reached the city on July 19. On Saturday, the meeting department said Delhi was expected to see the onset of Southwest Monsun on Sunday, estimating his progress above Delhi, West Uttar. Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan in the next 24 hours. While IMD initially estimated light rain above Delhi on Saturday and moderate bathing from Sunday and so on, the intensity of the expected rain has been reduced, with only light rainfall from Sunday to Wednesday.

“The lower level of the East Wind from Bengal Bay has continued to the northwest, reaching Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan. Like today,” said IMD on Saturday in his daily monsoon bulletin, adding that the conditions were beneficial for “further progress of the Monsun Southwest over Delhi, the remaining parts of Uttar Pradesh, some parts of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan for the next 24 hours “.

“The condition also becomes profitable for further progress from Southwest Monsun over the remaining parts of the country, for the next 48 hours,” he added.

R K Jenamani, the scientist at the IMD, said that some parts of the city could receive an isolated mantra from rain very lightly on Saturday night. However, there are more excellent rain opportunities on Sundays than expected rainy activities in the afternoon and evening. “It is hoped that going forward to Delhi in the next 24 hours and the onset will be declared based on when Delhi is fully covered,” said Jenamani.

Since July 1, IMD has predicted that Monsoon is likely to be about Delhi on July 10. Early estimates of the initial onset (mid-June) were thwarted by the Monsoon weakening literally on the doorstep of Delhi-NCR. The expected date for the onset of the Monsoon in Delhi is June 27. Last year, it hit the city two days early, on June 25.

The capital records a maximum temperature of 39.8 degrees Celsius on Saturday in Safdarjung, Delhi Pangkalan Station. This is four degrees above normal. The moisture level also remains high, oscillating between 46% and 77%. Najafgarh is the warmest location in Delhi, with a maximum of 40.7 degrees Celsius, IMD data shows.

With the Monsoon playing hooky and blazing the west wind blowing for several days, the city has had six days 40 degrees-plus in July. Last year, July only saw one day when 2019 and 2018 each had two.

However, with the rainy season, which is predicted to arrive finally, Met Office said the maximum Sunday is likely to drop to 35 degrees C, which can then dip 32 degrees C on Tuesday.