Over 55,000 Indian students enrolled: More students than before to the US for study

Then this week, on August 27, interested students can also participate in the education university’s education in the education university for prospective postgraduate students.

The US mission in India has approved more student visa applicants in 2021 than before. Despite the global pandemic of Covid-19, a consulate of a mission. Throughout the country and its Embassy in New Delhi. Which is approved by a student visa for more than 55,000 students and exchange visitors who will soon leave for the US.

According to an official statement from the US Embassy in New Delhi on Monday, August 23 2021, “More students are approved every day. This mission looks forward to another great season because it facilitates spring semester efforts over the coming months.”

Why such a hurry?

Because of the pandemic Covid-19, the mission and consulate face the main logistics challenges. For autumn semesters, interviews for a particular year used to start in May. Unfortunately, the US mission was forced to postpone the two-month student visa process because of the second wave.

After the second wave died in July, the mission continued visa service. This is done to ensure that the health and safety of applicants are not endangered. The consular team ensures that visa appointments are made to help students arrive for their academic programs on time. All consulates and their staff work for not only suitability but to surpass their pre-covid workload.

Then this week, on August 27, interested students can also participate in the education university’s education in the education university for prospective postgraduate students. Another virtual exhibition will follow this on September 3 for prospective undergraduate students.

To understand the opportunities of education available, during the virtual exhibition of prospective Indian students will have the opportunity to engage with representatives of US universities and educational advisors. More than 4,500 universities and universities are nationally and regionally accredited in the US recognized throughout the world for the quality of their programs, faculties, and facilities.

In the number of student visa approvals, Atul Keshap Ambassador, Charge D’Affaires, said: “Learning in the United States is a unique experience and often changes life for Indian students, providing a priceless career perspective and produces invaluable career opportunities.”

Adding, “Many women and men of hard workers from the US mission to India are proud to facilitate their travel and study. Indian students also enrich the US community, achieving a high level of academic success and deepening friendship bonds between our countries.

When is a visa for other categories open?

According to an official statement that has been issued by the US Embassy in New Delhi, “when summer students are burning, the mission will change the energy and effort for other visa categories.”

The Embassy said the US mission usually began interviewing semester students falling for a particular year in May. Still, the second wave of Covid-19 forced the delay in the start of the two-month student visa season.

“In July, as soon as conditions are permitted to resume visa services without endangering the health and safety of applicants, the consular team works not only to match, but surpass, their pre-covid workload,” he said. Said that the US Embassy and the consulate opened additional hours for visa appointments and made any possible efforts to ensure timely arrival of academic programs as many students as possible.

“In the end, these efforts paid off, because more students than previously received a visa to study in the US,” said the Embassy. It is said that interested students can also participate in the upcoming education of the University University Virtual Fairs, which will be held on August 27, for prospective graduate students and on September 3, for prospective undergraduate students.