Educational institutions, Hostels in Telangana to reopen on September 1

The meeting of the high-level review held in Pragati Bhavan, chaired by the chairman of the Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, has officially decided to reopen all the private and public education institutions in the state, starting from KG to PG, including HandaWadis, from 1. September Minister has been directed by ministers and officials of the Department of Panchayati Raj and the city to clean and clean all educational institutions and hostels in villages and cities on August 30.

The high-level review meeting chaired by CM KCR was held in Pragati Bhavan on Monday about reopening educational institutions closed after the Coronavirus.

Speaking after a high-level meeting with high-ranking officials, the KCR CM said, “Education in this country has been about Korona. The closure of the educational institutions and it has created chaos in the education sector sectors, including private schools, and private schools of teachers. In this context, the meeting Also discuss the steps taken by each government from various countries throughout the country to reopen the educational institutions and strategies that are followed by them. Corona conditions throughout the country are discussed with medical officials. They have submitted a report that deployed that deployment Corona has been controlled in the state. ”

Officials reported that Corona was under control in the state more than in the past. At present, the travel of people in the state comes to the average level. The health department officials bring the attention of the meeting that the closure of the educational institution continues has increased the level of psychological stress in school students, this will harm their future.

The government has officially decided to reopen all educational institutions on September 1. Considering the views expressed by all officials at a review meeting and all prerequisites for students who pursue Education in private and public education institutions, from KG to PG.

The Panchayati Department of Raj and the city is responsible for sanitization:

The minister’s chairman clarified that because of the school’s closing, the Panchayati Department of Raj and the city had to take sanitation responsibilities in all educational institutions in the villages. The minister’s chairman stressed that Sarpana and the city chairman must take responsibility for cleaning up the premises of educational institutions and keeping them clean.

With the reopening of the school within a week, at the end of August, must bring exceptional care to clean all toilets and clean the place with sodium chloride, bleaching powder. CM instructs sarpanches and the chief city to clean the water tank and clean the classroom.

All Chairperson of Zilla Parishad, President Parishad Mandal, must travel in their respects and manuals and check whether the school is cleaned and remains clean.

District DPO, CEO of ZP, MPVO, MPDOS, DPO and MPVO must take responsibility for reviewing and confirming sanitation of educational institutions. All government educational institutions under any circumstances need to complete the sanitation process in 30 months.

Prevention measures for students:

The minister’s chairman said that after reopening the housing school, if a student at a housing school had a fever, the principal and the principal had to take them to the nearest PHC and conduct Covid tests. If the child is tested positively, the child must be left to their parents. All students who go to school must follow preventative measures by wearing masks, often luggage. CM KCR urges parents who send their children to educational institutions to ensure that their children wear masks every day and follow the Covid protocol strictly.

Warning about seasonal diseases:

Because there is a possibility of a break of seasonal diseases after the rainy season, CM KCR held a review meeting on preventive measures to reduce seasonal illnesses with the Panchayati Minister Raj officials.

Given Corona, everyone must be aware of seasonal fever, patients suspected of undergoing tests and diagnosis. CM directs the medical department to make arrangements for testing and care at pharmacies.

The minister’s chairman also directed the Municipal Department officials Panchayati Raj to maintain cleanliness throughout the state. They need to take a particular action to control mosquitoes in villages and cities and see that water stagnates. Must actively larval control programs such as IRS and Fogging have done. CM said that drugs were needed and must obtain other equipment.

People are urged to ensure that water does not stagnate in their homes and that the elders take care of children, so they are not infected.

Until the end of this rainy season, the medical department, Panchayat officials Raj and the city must remain and stay vigilant and take steps to control seasonal diseases.