Narcos Mexico Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Plot Details

Narcos is one of the most recommended and iconic shows of Netflix. After the success of the narcos Mexico season 2, we might get another season of the demanded series.
Narcos Mexico is everywhere from social media to your tv screen. All the news websites were talking about the second season of the show.

The show Narcos Mexico is all about the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar and his chronicles of life.
Narcos Mexico is a crime drama American web series. The show is created & produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. The series is exclusively available on Netflix. Narcos Mexico focused on illegal trade in Mexico.

Narcos Mexico season 3 Cast Details :

Narcos Mexico Season 3 Cast

  • Michael Peña as Kiki Camarena
  • Diego Luna as Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo
  • José María Yazpik as Amado Carrillo Fuentes
  • Alejandro Edda as Joaquín Guzmán
  • Aaron Staton as Butch Sears
  • Alfonso Dosal as Benjamin Arellano Felix
  • Alyssa Diaz as Mika Camarena
  • Clark Freeman as Ed Heath
  • Ernesto Alterio as Salvador Osuna Nava
  • Fermin Martinez as Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno
  • Fernanda Urrejola as Maria Elvira
  • Gerardo Taracena as Pablo Acosta
  • Gorka Lasaosa as Hector Palma
  • Guillermo Villegas as Sammy Alvarez
  • Horacio Garcia Rojas as Tomas Morlet
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Jim Ferguson
  • Joaquin Cosio asErnesto Fonseca Carrillo
  • Lenny Jacobson asRoger Knapp
  • Manuel Masalva as Ramon Arellano Felix
  • Matt Letscher as James Kuykendall
  • Tenoch Huerta as Rafael Caro Quintero
  • Teresa Ruiz as Isabella Bautista
  • Tessa Ia as Sofia Conesa
  • Yul Vazquez as John Gavin

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Narcos Mexico Season 3 Release Date:

Narcos Mexico Season 3 Release Date

Puerto Rican Rapper Bad Bunny, who might be the part of the Narcos Mexico season 3 in a supporting role, disclosed that the shooting of the show was shooting in Mexico before the pandemic started. The shooting stopped due to the pandemic, and it will be resumed after the end of the year.

The 1st season of the Narcos Mexico was released on November 18 and second season released on February 2020. Itis hard to predict the release date at this point of time because
shooting is still pending.

As per the previous release date, there were the gap of 15 months, if creators follow the same pattern than we might expect the show in early 2022.
Early 2022 is just a speculation. There is nothing official yet.

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Narcos Mexico Season 3: Plot Details

It is untimely to comment anything on the plot of the series. The Action in the next season could go on the next level. Season 2 leads the show in incredibly bloody present.
Recently in an interview, Newman said “it’s many of the same guys, the same cartel guys. The Sinaloa cartel, the Gulf cartel, the Juarez cartel, the Arellano-Félix cartel in Tijuana and residuum of these other cartels, are waging war against a new generation of cartels that are incredibly violent and have none of the code. They’re genuinely characterised only by their penchant of brutality.”