More than 150 lost and 11 died in the collapse of the building, right outside Miami

Rescuers are looking for the fifth day for victims of the construction of the Florida condominium, which uses bucket brigades and heavy machinery on Monday when they work on concrete powder mounds, rotating steel and the remnants of dozens of households.

The authorities say their efforts are still a search and rescue operation, but no one found life since the hour after collapsing on Thursday. Two bodies recovered Monday, bringing the death toll confirmed to 11. More than 150 others were still lost in the Surfside community, right outside Miami.

The pancakes collapsed from the building left the layer on the coating of the debris that was intertwined. The effort was frustrated to reach anyone who might survive in the space bag.

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“Every time there is an action, there is a reaction,” said the Head of the Miami-Dade Fire Extinguisher of the Guide Room Badallah during a press conference. “This is not a problem we can only attach a few ropes to the concrete stone and lift it up and also called it a day.” Some smaller concrete parts, basketball or baseball size.

Underpainting the risk of work, he noted that the family driving a bus to visit the site on Sunday watched the saviour fall onto the stack. Workers and victims must be considered, he said.

“It will take time,” he said. “It won’t happen overnight. This is a 12-story building.” Relatives continued their visit on Monday. More than two dozen family members watched a search team digging building sites from outside the neighbouring building. Some hold each other to get support. Others hug and pray. Some people take photos.

Intense efforts include firefighters, sniffer dogs, and search experts use radar and sonar devices.

At the beginning of Monday, a crane raised a sizeable concrete plate from the pile of rubble, allowing around 30 rescuers in a hard hat to move and bring small pieces of debris into the red bucket, which emptied into a giant stick to eliminate.

The work was done by intermittent rain, but the fire that hindered the initial search had been extinguished. Jimmy Patronis, Head of Finance of Florida and Fire Marshal State, said it was the most extensive spread of such resources in Florida’s history, not because of a storm.

He said the same number of people was on the ground in Surfside, like storm Michael, a destructive category 5 storm that hit 12 districts in 2018.

“They work all the time,” said Mr Patronis. “They work 12 hours at once, at midnight until noon until midnight.” Andy Alvarez, a commander of the Deputy Incident with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, told ABC Morning ABC America that rescuers had been able to find voids, or spaces, in debris, mainly in the basement and parking garage.

“We have been able to tunnel through the building,” said Mr Alvarez. “This is a panic search to find that hope, the miracle, to see who we can carry from this building alive.” Others who have seen debris from close to the task in front. Alfredo Lopez, who lives with his wife in the sixth and narrow corner apartment, said he felt challenging to believe some live in debris.

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“If you see what I see: nothing. And then, you go there and you see, like, all debris. How can someone survive?” Mr Lopez told the Associated Press.

Authorities on Monday insisted they did not lose hope.

“We will continue and work without stopping to spend any possible options in our search,” said Miami-Dade Major Daniella Levine Cava Monday.

The national team of scientists and engineers are conducting an initial investigation at the location. They will determine whether it will launch a full probe of what causes the building to fall.

The National Standard and Technology Institute also investigated disasters such as the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11, the destruction of the Storm of Maria in Puerto Rico and the fire of the Rhode Island Night Club, which killed 100 people. Previous investigations had timely consumed to complete.