Excited Dogs Break Into Song The Instant They Know They Are Going To Their Favorite Place

What these dogs did when they knew they went to their favourite place outside the room was very funny. They may be a little excited.

Their human stocks, one-day last summer I decided to bring my dog ​​and my parents out to the mine where they left because they were all only a small puppy. Every time they are taken to the mine when they just around the corner they start howling because they are very excited and this time is no exception. They did not stop until the vehicle was parked. ”

The four German short-haired pointer starts moaning and then starts to howling instant they recognize where they go. Funny! Make sure you have your volume for this one.

What made him dance?

All dogs have very individualistic personalities, just like us like humans. And while it varies from animals to animals, many of them respond to music based on genres!

Many dog ​​owners decide that it is a good idea to leave the TV or play the radio while their dog is alone. Some of the scoring animal behaviour that this can actually train your dog to enjoy certain types of music.

This effect tends to be much more common when the same music is repeated. In fact, all online communities are dedicated to choosing the right type of music for your dog.

Some audiologists have scored that because various hearing dogs are far wider than humans, music can be made which actually serves individual dog perceptions. In recent years, all albums have actually been produced with the aim of express entertaining your dog’s friends!

A great way to find out whether your animal really listens to the rhythm is to change the tempo in the middle of the song and see what they do. If their behavior suddenly changes when the music shifts, it is a very clear indicator that they lock with the rhythm they can feel.

A group of scientists in 2010 actually modified this experiment to see if dogs could understand the rhythm in the visual sense.

They arrange a series of blue and yellow lights (the main color that dog can take) and shift their rhythm on time with music.

Amazingly, the dogs began to show the physical symptoms of the felt rhythm. Some of them even started wagging in time, which surprised scientists because the tails sway tended to be an unconscious action. This is great evidence that supports the idea that your dog really enjoys musicality.

In nature, it is actually not too common for animals to be able to look and maintain a stable rhythm. Most mammals are unable to do it, like other species.

Dolphins are an important example, but in general, dogs are in a minority as animals that can look at the beat. Even though this is of course a rare ability, it’s not something to be pampered with unless the habit is annoying.

Dogs can sometimes experience anxiety when faced with certain voices, and this is something that really needs to be considered when describing their dog to music. Loud sounds like brass instruments can be very unpleasant.

Anything with a high treble or volume for it can really put your dog on the edge, so keep the frequency away. The same sound can also damage dog hearing at high volume.