Adorable Italian Greyhound Outsmarts Dog Playing Chase At Indoor Fun Park

Penelope Greyhound Italy was immediately friends when he visited the indoor playground in Seattle recently. He and another dog played the adorable chase game in a tunnel, and it brought a big smile to my face. Greyhound was very fast on his feet, so he outsmarted another dog several times when giving a chase! And at 0:39, they both got a surprise!

Penelope is not interested in all the gadgets, squeakers, and new puzzles they have for dogs today; He prefers to ask friends to sit together, take a nice walk to all new flowers bloom, and, of course, a comfortable bed for a nap. Penelope is not one of the “Yappy” dogs who like to hear their skin, but he will tell you if he is not happy about something.

We did not have a lot of backstory to him, except that he appeared one day seek, he got along with other dogs and seemed to be trained by the toilet.

A good home for Penelope will be home with older partners or someone who is looking for friends to keep them company. He has been thoroughly checked and will be microchipped after adoption. If you want to adopt a quiet and relaxed dog, please consider visiting Penelope in SOS Animal Shelter. He might be your new friend!

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