Binary option company’s fresh wind with Optionante’s New Leap.

A Optionante, which is attracting a lot of customers and investors through fx margin trading,

is going to launch a product that gives a certain amount of profit by receiving investment from special VIPs.

Its target amount is $1 million, which will allocate the proceeds if investors are recruited.

Depending in the investment, the revenue distribution rate will vary.

It is based on profitability, this is a fresh product and an attractive attempt as a binary option company, as well as investors who want high returns.

As per VIP’s request for anonymity, the investment is only paid in bitcoins.

Since it could be a controversial issue in the FX margin deal, attempts to invest using bitcoin and guarantees of anonymity are groundbreaking items.

It is worth paying attention to at this time when Bitcoin’s stock price is rising.

Also, currency exchange is freely available 24 hours a day without a contract period.