5 Google Plugins to Use in WordPress Blogs 2021

Google plugins are small software which helps in making the blog more crispy and makes functionality easy and fun. They all combine to make your blog more productive and attractive to help you. These plugins make your work more qualitative and hence improves your ranking in a good way. Visit the best Google docs WordPress plugin in this blog. 

Some Plugins are there which directly do not take part in your blog productivity but ensure security to a great extent to make your WordPress blog secure because we cannot stay safe with just our passwords, so here is the information to visit the best Google docs WordPress plugin.

Plugins help in making your WordPress blog look good but also prove it by showing you exactly how much your website will benefit. Plugins must be chosen smartly who are good in performance as well as speed.

Here in this blog, you will get to know all about good plugins to keep in mind before starting with your blog and use them to add up quality to your content. Start from here to visit the best Google docs WordPress plugin.

  • Google Fonts for WordPress

When you start modifications in your blog, the first thing which stuck in your mind is designing, or we can say typography. There is much more competition in it as hundreds of fonts are available over the internet, but you should smartly choose which suits your website or blog.

You have to be creative when you start a blog, so it makes your work easier by picking the best fonts for you.

But this plugin makes your research less tough and gives you clarity about fonts suits your blog the best. This plugin has the best features, including any language fonts with the best updates.

One thing which makes this plugin more comfortable to all seekers is that it does not consist of any programming in it. That’s great, right!

The best thing about this plugin is that it is totally compatible with every WordPress theme available as well as you can see corrections or changes you are doing in the present moment, and this is what makes this plugin best of all related to designing.

Have a look at, Google font typography.

  • Google reviews widget

After designing your website or blog, you then need to build trust with your customers for your website because one can see what is visible only. So in order to gain faith from your readers, you need to show some evidence for the quality content on your blog.

You can easily put Google Business Reviews at your page’s sidebar in the widget’s area of your WordPress. The best thing about this plugin is that it stores all reviews in the database so that you have present reviews all the time. You can also trim the very long comment, which hides the other positive, beautiful reviews also by this plugin.

Your productivity depends on this only because when there are more reviews on your blog, then it brings more confidence and positivity, hence improves the productivity of your work.

Have a look at Google Reviews Widget

  • Site kit by google

The next most important feature you must have with you for making your blog more productive is the site kit. You always keep an eye on your website performance by tracking it using different methods that consume most of your time. In order to analyze the blog or website performance and status, you require to invest much effort into it.

You do not need to worry now about it; just have a site kit by google available for your blog or website to keep a check on overall performance. You can get this feature by this app without using a single penny of yours.

This WordPress plugin combines Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, Tag Manage, and Optimize for your convenience.

Have a look at, Site kit by Google.

  • Google ads master

Ads showing on your website or blog makes it more attractive as well as increases the time spent by customers on your page, so ads are productive to a great extent. Ads on their website make new publishers gain more revenue by content, which is advantageous for them and supports them to do more work.

Google ads master beautifully place different ads on your website page, which is either related to the website or beneficial for the readers as the offers are more fascinating for customers.

Some people gain high revenue from it, or some people have low income. People who gain low amounts are just because of some useless or creepy ads showing to customers, so they either stop seeing it or get out of that page soon.

Have a look at, Google ads Master.

  • Google Authenticator — Two-Factor Authentication

Your website must be secure enough to not be hacked by stealing your sensitive data as you put much of your efforts and precious time into maintaining your website, so security is the most important factor.

We consider passwords for security purposes, but it is not actually very secure. So you need to use two-factor authentication, which cannot let other access your website also after having your password with them.

Google authentication is the free plugin to a user, which includes a cluster of security measures taken for your website to prevent it from hackers.

Two-step authentication will add a second layer of verification to your website, so after putting a password also, one needs to verify their identity by code. So hackers cannot get this code, and your data remains safe.

Have a look at, Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication.