AAP & Kejriwal are on their full roll to win over the Punjab election with their new motto

The Chairman of the Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Tweeting Tuesday to say he was on his way to Punjab, had drawn the battle lines between the powerful and AAP Congress for next year’s election. Mr Kejriwal proclaimed “new dawn” for Punjab and signed “see you in just a few hours”.

AAP also tweeted and said: “The stages are arranged !! Arvind Kejriwal ji will make the announcement of Mega today which will send a 440 volt current to the captain (Chairman of the Minister of Amarinder Singh) and Congress.”

The tweet followed one from last night, where Kejriwal promised “200 free electricity units” – the promise of polls that won two selections Delhi AAP and he was expected to make it in Punjab.

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“In Delhi, we provide 200 free electricity units for each family. Women are really very happy. But the women in the Punjab are not really happy with the increasing inflation. AAP has also promised to provide 200 units of free electricity for all in Punjab,” Kejriwal said.

The promise came when the Congress high command pushed Amarinder Singh to make a similar promise – to ensure 200 units of free power for households, especially those in urban areas.

AAP targets increasing electricity bills – which have been protested by civil servants, unemployment teachers and also the opposition parties – to target the Punjab government.

Kejriwal also said the candidate Minister AAP would come from the Sikh community. Arvind Kejriwal is expected to overcome a press conference in Chandigarh at 1 pm – an event that permission, claimed his party yesterday, has been rejected.

“The fear of captain Amarinder will have reached a point where his office has denied US permits to hold a press conference in a place that has been decided,” the leader of the Raghav Party Chadha tweeted on Monday.

Mr Singh hit back quickly (and cynically), refused the claim and added, “if he (Arvind Kejriwal) wanted, I would love to arrange his lunch too”. This will be the second visit to Punjab in this month.

Nine days ago, he was seen in Amritsar to induce former IPS Vijay Pratap Singh officers, who were part of the team investigating the 2015 Kotkapura Police Shoot incident.

The Punjab High Court and Haryana cancelled the police team report on the incident in April – actions added to the crowd in Congress against Amarinder Singh. Sparring between the two parties and their leaders has increased firmly.

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Over the past few weeks, with the 2022 election in mind. Both leaders traded allegations – Mr Singh called Mr Kejriwal as “slimy people in a habit of lying” and accused of helping BJP with controversial agricultural laws.

In 2017, AAP – Led by Bhagwant Mann – won only 20 of 117 seats, and Congress secured 77 dominant. But it was enough to be the state’s main opposition after the Akali Dal-BJP alliance that had previously been powerful finished with only 15 seats.