XCOM 2 (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit 2) is no stranger to gaining popularity among the gaming community. In recent years, the game witnessed significant growth in its popularity and player base. And according to reports, the credit goes to its easy to use and flexible features.

According to the article “XCOM 2 Gamers Are Playing The Game In Easy Mode”, “32% of XCOM 2 gamers played the game in the ‘rookie-level,’ which is the easiest setting. On the other hand, 55% of players were on ‘veteran’ mode. Meanwhile, 11% and 3% of gamers played in commander’ and ‘legend’ mode, respectively”.

They further added, “The same statistics also reveal the same trend for players who have completed the game. Thirty-one percent of those who finished did it on rookie mode, 52% on veteran, 5% on legend, and 12% on the commander”.

Not every player wants to go all out while playing a game and some just want to enjoy the experience of the game. It is also mentioned in the above-mentioned article that these factors can depend on the experience, capabilities, and health conditions of the players. Not everyone is a pro from the start and growth happens with time and experience.

As time passes, XCOM 2’s player base is increasing because of two main factors: unpredictability and customization. Instead of fighting in a conventional war, players fight a huge fleet of aliens invading the map. This gives a factor of unpredictability because the players don’t know what is going to happen at what point of the game.

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