UNICEF Shares A Viral TikTok Video Of Boys Doing “Handwashing Dance”

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) shares a video on social media. The viral video shows Two Vietnamese boys doing handwashing dance. Both the dancers dressed in bright yellow, perform handwashing motions and peace signs. The wonderful video is demonstrating how one should wash their hands to protect themselves from coronavirus. 

UNICEF Captioned The Viral Video On Twitter.

We love this handwashing dance from Vietnamese dancer, Quang Đăng. Washing your hands with soap and water is one of the first steps to protect yourself from #coronavirus.” 

The viral Tik-Tok video has been seen over 90.6k times and collect thousands of likes as well. In the comments section, a user wrote, “I love it. It’s good for warning people how to protect themselves from the Virus. Thanks for sharing!”

Another said “Love this ” “Wow, great effort,” another user commented.



People Also Like The Vietnamese Song “Ghen Cô Vy” Which Means “Hand Washing Song.”

Vietnam health administrator released a song about coronavirus prevention. The song entitled Ghen Cô Vy which means the ‘Hand Washing Song.’ The song requests the people to wash their hands and avoid touching their faces. The viral video Dancer Quang Dang made a dance to the song that’s gone viral on Tik Tok.

Quang Dang has become a viral sensation with people around the world mimicking it. John Oliver displays the ‘Hand Washing Song’ on his show. And praise Vietnam health officers for releasing the tune that aware the public about the virus outbreak. The lyricist Khac Hun and Vietnam’s National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health created the song.

John Oliver Also Said On His Show That

“Vietnam made a song about washing your hands to prevent coronavirus infection and it absolutely slaps. That’s a genuine club banger right there,” “In fact, people love that dance so much it became a Tik Tok dance challenge, ” – He continued.