Uber Extends Sick Leave For Drivers During Coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus, Uber has announced new policies that will expand sick leave to drivers. The Uber drivers who test positive for the coronavirus quarantined or asked. For self-isolate by public health officials or have their Uber accounts disabled on the advice of public health officials. Are eligible for up to 14 days of paid sick leave. Similarly, Lyft will compensate drivers who diagnosed with the coronavirus in quarantine. Uber is basing sick pay on the driver’s daily average for the past six months. In response to the plea for social distancing. Driver groups have also called on the companies to suspend their carpooling features.
Uber Cab
The for-hire vehicle industry is taking a huge hit. New Yorkers avoid traveling for fear of spreading or catching coronavirus, with drivers saying they’ve seen a large dip in fares. Uber announced it would provide sick pay to drivers quarantined. On the advice of a doctor, regardless of whether they have diagnosed with the virus. None of the other app-based ride companies said whether they will provide compensation to drivers. Who are not sick but besides losing business.

Sick Pay For Uber Drivers

Uber is basing the amount of sick pay a driver receives on their average daily earnings over the last six months. To qualify, drivers need to have completed one trip in the 30 days before. Uber also said that every eligible driver in the US. Will receive the least payment of $50, even if they have only done one trip, but that the minimum payment will differ by country. Drivers will have 30 days since diagnosis or quarantine date to file a claim online and will be eligible for up to 14 days of compensation.
Impact of Coronavirus
Ride-hailing drivers are among the most at risk as the virus spreads. Because of the social nature of their jobs because they don’t qualify for traditional employee benefits as independent contractors. Recently, Uber said it would consider suspecting the accounts of riders and drivers who are infected or come in contact with Coronavirus.