Twitter orders all employees globally to work from home

Twitter gave employees the option to work from home. After the coronavirus, this outbreak claimed over 3,000 lives globally, and fresh cases reported in India. While other big companies like “Tata Consultancy Services” and “HCL Technologies”. Instructed there staff to avoid non-essential travel. As IT firms put in place measures to safeguard workers against the coronavirus. Twitter will continue to pay contractors, hourly workers, and vendors for standard working hours. If they’re unable to perform their duties at home. The company will also be providing reimbursement for home office setup expenses. As well as for parents who may have to pay extra daycare costs.
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As Twitter said in a blog, “We are strongly encouraging all employees globally to work from home if they’re able. Our goal is to lower the probability of the spread of the Coronavirus for us and the world around us”. Twitter is asking its entire workforce of around 5,000 people to work from home. Twitter said, “Working from home was mandatory for its workers. In Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea, where there are higher rates of Coronavirus disease. Twitter’s chief executive “Jack Dorsey” has long-supported remote working. In November he announced plans to live in Africa for up to six months of this year.

Other big companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have issued similar guidance to their employees in various regions. Google’s staff at European headquarters in Dublin will work from home on Tuesday. As the company tests its preparedness for a potential outbreak in Ireland. But most of the 8,000 workers expected to return to their desks on Wednesday.
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Deaths due to the coronavirus around the world have passed 3,000 as the outbreak spreads from Asia to the US. Europe and the Middle East. Twitter employs across the world, said it would tailor practices to remote working. But would keep offices open for employees who preferred to or needed to work at company premises.