Trump has the evidence that the coronavirus started in Wuhan

Trump said he has seen evidence that coronavirus started in the Wuhan virology laboratory. As he warned he could impose tariffs of $1 trillion on China in retribution for the pandemic. The president made the explosive charge that the coronavirus that has caused millions of infections. And wreaked have on the global economy may have created in the Chinese lab. During his coronavirus press briefing Thursday. He also said that the federal government is exploring ways to punish China. For triggering the outbreak by imposing tariffs but he stopped short of saying he would refuse to pay back US debts
Trump said “Yes, I have. Yes, I have”when asked if he had seen proof the virus originated in the Wuhan Institute of Technology. The lab located near a wet market that has identified. As the likely epicenter of the outbreak that took place late last year. Yet, the president would not divulge what the evidence was that confirmed his suspicions when asked by a reporter. I can’t tell you that. I am not allowed to tell you that-he responded.

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When asked if he would consider refusing to pay the US’s debts to China as punishment. The president said he “could do it differently” and suggested the US will impose high tariffs of around $1 trillion on the nation. He also added- I could do the same thing but even for more money just putting on tariffs. So I don’t need to do that. It’s approximately a trillion dollars a little bit more I understand but we can do that is probably a little bit more of a forthright manner.
Donald Trump
Trump also said withholding debt payments would be a ‘rough game’ that could damage the sanctity of the dollar and ruled out taking this approach. He continued, ” You start playing those games and that’s tough”.
We have the dollar to protect. We want to protect the sanctity of the dollar, the importance of the dollar. It’s the greatest currency in the history of the world.’ The president continued: ‘It’s a good question to say, ‘well oh gee, we owe you a certain amount of money, we’re going to keep it’. But when you start playing that game you really start hurting the sanctity of the greatest currency on earth but we can do it in other ways.