TN mandates a negative RT-PCR certificate for all the arrivals from Kerala

The Government of Tamil Nadu has tested RT-PCR with a mandatory negative result for travellers from Kerala. Requirements will take effect from August 5. This step follows a significant surge in the case of Covid-19 in the neighbouring country in the past week. On Friday, Kerala recorded 20,772 cases, and weekly averages were above 20,000 cases per day. Tamil Nadu also began to witness a marginal surge in cases, encouraging the state government to impose these requirements.

On August 1, talking to the media in front of Indira Gandhi International Airport, Chennai, Minister of Health and Welfare of the Subramaniam family said that everyone entered Tamil Nadu from Kerala either by plane, road or train would be required to complete the PCR test RT. Those who have photographs of Covid-19 vaccines and can provide the same evidence will be released must show the results of RT RT negative. Should be given a minimum of 14 days the second shot before entry to Tamil Nadu. Covai district from where there are a total of 13 points into Tamil Nadu from Kerala. And the border district like Kanyakumari, a particular concern.

For now, only thermal screening and check the oxygen saturation. That has been done for those who enter from Kerala. Starting from August 5, Chairman of the Constitutional Court Minister Stalin also made a negative RT-PCR test result as an initial pre-emptive action, the Minister said. Officials at the border between countries have been identified to allow only those with negative results or with a double vaccine certificate into Tamil Nadu.

The Minister visited the airport to check the Covid-19 protocol, which followed in international and domestic terminals. He told the press that all passengers from England, Brazil, South Africa and Middle Eastern countries were filtered thermally and given RT-PCR tests by government union guidelines. He added that tests that cost RS 900 each took four hours for results. Referring to the fast PCR test that the state government recently approved for the use of international leaflets. He said the implementation process was ongoing and will be completed in two to three more days. These tests are mainly established for departments.

At present, only thermal screening is done for international tourists who arrive from countries. Other than above and for flight passengers from anywhere in Kerala. The quarantine will not be mandatory for one of these passengers unless they might have a fever. In the case of having a fever, the person will be isolated and given an RT-PCR test. They will only be allowed to get out of the airport if the results return negative.

The state government has told the district bordering Kerala, such as Kanyakumari, thoothukudi and Coimbatore, to be vigilant. “There are 13 points in the coimbatore and we have given enough time to be examined to start,” said Minister of Health. Previously, the Karnataka government also made a negative RT-PCR certificate for those who want to enter the country from Kerala and Maharashtra.

Although Tamil Nadu has continued most activities, film theatre and private bars remained closed because the state on Saturday extends a gradual lock that is ongoing until August 9 without additional relaxation. While doing so, the government empowers district collectors, corporate commissioners and police to enforce local keys if there are crowding in certain places.