The resemblance between Courteney Cox and her 18-year-old daughter is astonishing.

During the run of Friends, Courteney Cox was a well-known Hollywood personality. David Arquette belonged to a distinguished acting dynasty. Cox and Arquette met while filming Scream in 1996, and they soon started dating.

They quickly became a typical 1990s couple. Cox took the name “Courteney Cox Arquette” after being married to Arquette in 1999. Every cast member’s name has “Arquette” after it in one episode of Friends.

The couple’s child from 2004 became famous right away. Coco Arquette has always made her own decisions.

Even though Cox and Arquette appeared to have a wonderful lifestyle, it was difficult to give birth to Coco Arquette. The couple had several difficulties.

Cox admitted to People that she has problems keeping children yet is easily pregnant. The couple underwent IVF and miscarriages.

In 2004, Cox and Arquette made their pregnancy announcement and seemed happy. Arquette reportedly told People, “I can’t wait to read and play.” On June 12, 2004, Cox was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles. After several hours of labor, Coco was born on June 13, 2004, one week early, and just over a month after the Friends series’ finale.

Coco Riley Arquette is the name of their daughter. Interest was immediately piqued by the name. Although Coco is a cute name, it’s not common, so people were curious about her parents’ decision. Coco? a.k.a. Chanel? Meaning?

The admirers may see Coco Arquette’s name, which is deceptively straightforward. David Arquette claimed that Courteney Cox inspired the name Coco in 2010.

Courteney Cox’s first and last names are mixed up in Coco. Even though it’s not immediately apparent, Coco’s name is a subtle allusion to her mother.

Coco Arquette has always enjoyed fame.

Her mother rose to fame thanks to Scream and Friends. Never Been Kissed and Scream both starred David Arquette. The fame keeps growing. The Arquette family includes actors. Cliff Arquette, an actor and comedian, was his grandfather. Brenda Arquette and Lewis were both actors. Patricia, Richmond, Rosanna, and Alexis, his four siblings, are all performers.

Coco has connections to other famous people and is related to many well-known performers. According to People, Jennifer Aniston is Coco’s godmother. “Jennifer is the best godmother,” Cox said as Jennifer attended her baptism in Birmingham, Alabama.

David Arquette and Courteney Cox ran their own production firm, and they also had a devoted daughter. After cracks started to develop, the couple divorced in 2013. Reader’s Digest “I believe that every relationship needs to be reevaluated. Although it’s common, doing it in public is challenging.”

Both parents seem devoted to Coco’s happiness despite their divorce. Cox of Harper’s Bazaar “We put her first. She will be OK because she is safe and cherished, and we will put her safety and love above all else. Co-parenting is valued in families. Cox featured on the Bear Grylls show Running Wild, according to E! “I’d say the divorce went well.”

Following Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s divorce, Coco got a new family.

In 2014, Cox hired Johnny McDaid. On Ellen, Cox stated that her engagement ring represented her, McDaid, and Coco . He added, “We’re growing, and Courtney and Coco frequently come here for a party.”

In 2015, Coco’s father married Christina McLarty, making her an Arquette. According to Cox, her daughter performed a song at the wedding. It is said that Coco’s stepmother said, “Coco is a great girl. She’s incredible. She has two wonderful parents, and everyone gets along, which is such a blessing for me as her stepparent.”

Up until 2014, Coco spent 9 years as an only child. On April 28, 2014, David Arquette and his wife Christina welcomed a baby boy named Charlie West, making Coco a big sister.

Coco now adores makeup. At age 6, Coco had thoughts about makeup. “She remarked to me as I was leaving, ‘Don’t wear red lipstick,’” Cox told Harper’s Bazaar. Since then, Coco’s fascination with makeup has increased. She claims that wearing makeup “makes me feel alive, joyful, and creative.”

Teenage Coco Cox followed in her mother’s footsteps by appearing in two music videos. In the music video for Monogem’s “Wild,” Coco plays a happy girl.

The relationship between Coco and her mother is not without dispute. ” We argue but adore one another,” Cox said.

There is a lot of affection despite the occasional fight. ” She makes me feel better when I’m worried, Coco said.  “I’d also say, I’m 13, you’re a mom, so of course we’ll argue,” Coco said.