Some of the best deals in Tech Right Now!!!

iPad 6th gen…

The 6 generation iPad. Just the iPad, no pro, no air. This was the one which got updated last year and is packing a very capable A10 Fusion Chip, Touch ID, a headphone jack and support for the 1st generation Apple Pencil.

Even at $329 I would say that it is the best tablet for the money specially google out of the game. But it has been on sale since the last couple of months and the price has been dropped to $249/- on amazon.

This is a great deal, yes its good for media consumption, its going to give a great battery life and the best creation device you can pick up for the price specifically for photos.

This will get support for the iPad OS later this year. So weather you love apple or you hate apple but we all can agree that if you can grab this at this price point with iPad OS, arguably the best computing option you can pick up under $300/-

The 6th generation iPad is the best tablet for money.

Google Pixel 3A…

It packs USB – C, a fingerprint reader, and  a headphone jack.

If you just use your phone for simple tasks watching video, send messages, listen to music but don’t wanna sacrifice your camera you should definitely check out the google pixel 3A.

Next up is

Apogee hype mic…

This is a super high quality condenser usb microphone but its got a trick up, there is a built in compressor that takes things to a completely new level.

Weather you are looking out to get into podcasting, or streaming, or looking for an high quality option to record music this thing is super unique. Out of the box it includes every cable you possibly need. It includes USB – A, USB – C, and Lightning connector so it makes a perfect companion not only for iPads but also for MacBooks as well. No dongle or adapter needed. It is also super compact, you can toss it in you bag and take on the road without sacrificing quality.

So that was all about some of the best tech deals right now!!!

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