She spent three months in a coma, but when she finally came around, she discovered she was pregnant

After a tragic motorcycle accident, a British woman reportedly spent three months in a coma, lost her memory, but when she recovered, she was 11 weeks pregnant.

Apparently unaware of her pregnancy at the time, Gemma Holmes, 33, of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, crashed into a parked car on her way to work in September 2013 and suffered a back injury.

Doctors at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol informed Holmes’ mother, Julie Brown, 59, of her pregnancy. The family then waited for her to awaken from the induced coma that had wiped out all of her memories from the preceding three years, including the father of the unborn child.

“You’re in the hospital, you’ve had a pretty bad accident, you’ve got brain damage, a punctured lung, you’ve shattered too many bones, and you’ll never walk again.”

“Imagine waking up to discover that you’ve just experienced everything, including death, yet you’re still pregnant… How did that happen, oh my God.”

I had a dream that I was giving birth to a baby boy, so I was like, “What? I keep asking myself, “How did that happen? I’ve died twice, but he’s still alive inside of me; I don’t understand it,” the woman added.

“Since there was nothing we could do after 12 weeks, they gave me a week to decide if I wanted to keep the child. No way, I said. Naturally, I’m keeping him. Are you serious?”

“I was overjoyed,” she continued. “I couldn’t wait to meet him.”

However, after spending several months in a wheelchair, Holmes defied the odds and gave birth to her healthy newborn son, Rueben, in May 2013. Doctors had expected that Holmes would never walk again.

When her son took his first steps, she reportedly had to relearn how to walk.

“The doctors said I had no chance of survival, yet I overcame and disproved them all. I’ve learned from my mum that negative thoughts will lead to undesirable events.”  Holmes said, “Think positively, and good things will come to fruition.”