See How Clever Chinese Kids Escape From Homework 

Chinese kids being assigned homework on the DingTalk app owned by Alibaba group. Kids downvote the app and get escape from homework.

Coronavirus outbreak has left everyone scared and many sick. Children in China seem to be making the best of the pandemic with “novel” ways to get out of doing homework.

Wuhan’s children were being taught their courses online due to the absence of schools. And also their teachers assigned homework using DingTalk.

This is an online teaching and homework app that sets homework assignments for children. In the absence of schools, Chinese kids were being taught their courses online and being assigned homework by their teachers using the app. These children, however, turned out to be much more clever than teachers and parents had expected.

Kids somehow acknowledge that the app would get booted out of the store if they send in enough bad reviews. Shortly, the app’s pages overflowed with fake bad reviews. London Review of Books said that it causes the app to get out of the app store. App ratings fell from 4.9 to 1.4 in a very short time, according to the report.

Following Are The Reviews

“Imagine having to do homework while you’re possibly going to die from a disease”. 

Another reviewer wrote “I really want to give you five stars but I don’t like give it at once. I will give it to you for five times.” And one review simply read, “I downloaded this app just to give it a one-star”.

The App Owner Requests The Chinese Kids To Stop The Mischief.

Crisis for the app was such that they even took to social media to request the Chinese kids to stop the mischief. Although, many on social media celebrates the children’s victory in beating the homework app.

Following the decline in the DingTalk ratings, followers and supporters tried to support out with five-star reviews. That helps to get its rating up to 2 out of 5 on the Apple App Store and 2.5 on the Google Play Store. 

 A reviewer wrote, “If the students don’t like studying, but please do not hurt this app!”