Sarah Hyland Gave Wells Adams a Buzz Cut While Social Distancing

While we are all stuck at home bored due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, celebrities also grind to halt in with us and a few are up to some entertaining activities.

Sarah Hyland and fiance Wells Adams took belief to an entirely new level as Hyland gave Adams a buzz cut. If you haven’t seen it, it actually looks amazing. 

Similar to Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Adams put the longer term of his hair in Sarah’s hands by inviting her to shave his head. And they also make sure to capture the entire happening on April 7 via Instagram Stories.

“This has gotten to be too much,” the Bachelor in Paradise bartender said of his curls before asking Hyland what number times she’s cut a man’s hair. Her response, dear reader, is zero times. The suspense is killing you, I’m sure.


Sarah Hyland Gave Wells Adams a Buzz Cut While Social Distancing


Here goes nothin’! Hyland went in on the side of Adams’s head with clippers, shortened for your viewing pleasure during a hyper-lapse video. Unlike Cyrus, Hyland didn’t pop out all her man’s hair, and they didn’t have any outside help. Oh, and Hyland didn’t follow up by cutting her hair to match the infamous mullet of Tiger King’s Joe Exotic. 

The results? Pretty great for a first-timer. “She did a pretty good job,” Adams said with a smile.

Sarah Hyland Gave Wells Adams a Buzz Cut While Social Distancing

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are a good-looking adorable couple. The pair first met after Hyland tweeted about her crush on the Bachelorette contestant back in 2016. And they continued to flirt back and forth.

According to Hyland’s recent interview with Cosmopolitan, they went on about two dates before he made his first grand, Bachelor Nation–worthy gesture. After Hyland underwent her second kidney transplant in September 2017, Adams flew from Nashville to L.A. on the weekends to spend time with her during her recovery. Yes, he met the parents almost instantly.

Still, Hyland was the one who made the first move towards DTR. “I asked him when he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend,” she said in the interview. “I’m impatient.” The rest is history, and Adams proposed on a beach in July 2019.