Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Jealous of William And Kate

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle frustrated that William and Kate got. All the best official roles and felt ‘cut adrift’ from the Royal Family and ‘viper’ courtiers’. The sensational new Finding Freedom biography has claimed. Extracts of the hotly anticipated book are being serialized this weekend. And will lift the lid on the Sussexes exit from The Firm. But palace sources fear its account of Harry and Meghan’s grievances will make their rift with the Royals worse. In the first release last night, it revealed that Harry and Meghan upset they had to take a ‘backseat’. To other family members such as Prince William and Prince Charles who given priority for their own projects.
The biography writes by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand. Who are fans of the couple and have set out to ‘correct the record’ and shift the spotlight on to their charitable ventures. The Sussexes say they did not contribute to the book, but Scobie and Durand’s account based on extensive insight from friends of the couple. Their account claims that Meghan and Harry battled against courtiers. Who feared they would become more popular than the Royal family itself. And singles out William and Kate for criticism over their alleged freezing out of the couple.
Scobie has also hinted at racism within the Royal ranks. Saying there are individuals who may like to take a look at how they view the world. And the book claims the couple was ‘propelling the monarchy to new heights around the world. In a tearful remark to a friend. The Duchess of Sussex claimed she gave up her entire life for this family. And then had no choice but to quit. But adds she couldn’t imagine wanting to set foot in anything royal again after Megxit.
It also describes how Harry and Meghan attempted to go straight to the Queen. To settle Megxit after flying in from Christmas in Canada. It claims the infighting and suspicion over the couple’s royal role. And desire to break free from the ‘straitjacket’ of royal life. Became so bad that Harry believed he was been blocked from seeing his grandmother, the Queen