Players Love PUBG Mobile Lite

The game PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) has become quite a staple in mobile gaming ( PUBG Mobile Lite) since its release on Android and iOS devices (February 9th, 2018). Mobile gamers have since been crazy for the game as it provides the high-end PC experience in smartphones. However, it didn’t quite feel like the PC version. Despite the similarities, there was a gap in the PC and mobile versions.

Tencent has now filled the gap with the release of PUBG Mobile Lite. Since its release on July 4th, 2019, PUBG Lite Mobile has been doing what it promised. It provides the high-end PC experience low-end smartphones. The people who didn’t get the play PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile due to the limitations of their devices, now have something that will give them the thrilling and exciting experience of the game.

Does It Live Up To The Standards Set By PUBG and PUBG Mobile?

I installed the game (PUBG Mobile Lite) yesterday and spent a considerable amount of time playing it. I’ve played both the PC and the normal Mobile versions and I can say that this is yes another masterpiece by Tencent games.

So, the answer to the above question is yes! In my opinion, it even surpasses the previous versions due to many reasons. The major reason being that it provides the same experience as that of the PC version, the file size is smaller compared to the previous versions, and a lesser amount of memory (RAM) to play the game. This means that even more players can enjoy the authentic PUBG experience. Bravo Tencent!