Overwatch to get new Octopus themed skin

As per a recent update, the new skin of Overwatch is an octopus theme that is set up to give tribute to Bang Jjonak Sunghyeon, the Overwatch’s League 2018 MVP. If reports are to be true, then the new octopus theme of Overwatch will release next week.

The mythical pores and the skin closely options enhance the celebrity Jjonak Sunghyeon red color and that of his favourite animal, the octopus. The in-game identity of Jjonak Sunghyeon is a short version of jjomulak nakji which roughly translates to Korean word for fumbling octopus. Such is the obsession of Jjonak Sunghyeon with the animal that he has got the animal tattooed on his body.

The head of Zenyatta has been replaced with an octopus in a jar filled with water whilst the smaller variations of the animals are wrapped around Zenyatta’s floating orbs. The game has been mechanized in such a way that when the players pop their ult, Zenyatta will sprout its tentacles. The game is all set go live on Thursday that is June 27th and would continue till July 14.