Our 5 year anniversary

The road to love can be complicated. Any partner might occasionally tend to make quick judgments. Ana’s misfortune illustrates this after a heated fight with her husband.

She described how her life had changed substantially when she received the biggest shock. This is how the most startling thing in Ana’s life happened.

I left the house that day after a tense disagreement with my husband. I had planned to see a movie, but I decided to visit my sister instead. I was shocked to learn she was having issues when I arrived.

We were able to assist one another during our trying times since we both found solace in one another.

David and his wife couldn’t decide how to mark their fifth wedding anniversary. While his wife preferred to eat out, David chose to stay in and watch TV.

Being an avid football fan, David had a good reason for wanting to stay at home—he didn’t want to miss any of the games. His wife had trouble accepting this justification. If David had wanted to, she believed he could have gone out to dinner.

He said we didn’t have the money to go out for dinner. “Why can’t we use the reserve funds?” I yelled at him. Isn’t that a compelling enough argument for using your money?

“It’s not possible, Ana! The anniversary is not an emergency! Don’t lose your mind,” he told me firmly. “What else do you need? I also made you a present.”

When the time came for us to go out, David just gave me that blank stare as though I was speaking a foreign language, even though I had prepared his favorite meal.

Indeed, he gave me a new nightgown as a gift, which I liked, but I wanted to go out! We always had such a lovely time together, so I don’t know what happened.

I was enraged by David’s unwillingness to spend money on me. It was essential to me, and I tried to get him to understand that, but he wouldn’t listen. He constantly gave the impression that money was his main preoccupation.

“I want you to know how much this hurts me.”

David rose from his seat at the dining room table. He hadn’t finished his dessert or shown appreciation for the delicious lunch I had prepared. I followed him into the living room and sat in an armchair with him.

I went up to him and begged him to listen, but he seemed more preoccupied with the newspaper he had missed that day than with me.

As soon as we began speaking, I told him everything on my mind. Every marriage needs these kinds of moments, and occasionally, I’d want to do something unique or unusual, I informed him.

I wanted David to be like Adrian, my brother-in-law. Adrian was the kind of guy that was constantly moving and never missed a chance to have a good time. He put forth a lot of effort but knew how to have fun.

David’s final answer was still no, so I walked out the door and went straight to my sister’s home.

I briefly worried I wouldn’t find her at home as I walked up the steps of the block where she lived. Thankfully, she was there. Despite being worn out, Maia smiled as she greeted me.

Adi was lounging in an armchair reading a magazine. She gave me a warm welcome. The atmosphere within the house was heavy.

Minutes later, Adi dressed up and said a big goodbye to the both of us. I was able to discuss what had happened with my sister in an open manner.

It might give me some insight into how I want to live my life going forward, especially regarding getting married. I saw Maia brewing coffee while observing her new dress. It went well with the lovely slippers she was wearing.

You have no idea how happy I am that you came! During these trying times, I needed you.

I was astounded by what she said. What might have happened between her and Adi if that had been the case? What was the source of her distress? I was aware that she wasn’t the type to start trouble. She appears stressed, pallid, and exhausted. I was appalled at the thought that Adi may cheat on her.

I told her I didn’t think Adi was cheating on her, to which she laughed out loud. She came over and sat down next to me as I was on the couch. She broke down in tears and admitted to me that she was in a difficult situation and had no idea what to do. She begged for my help.

Maia responded, “That’s the reason. It is a way of life for us. We frequently attend parties, hang around with people we don’t care about, and disregard everything because Adi enjoys it that way. I am compelled to lead a hectic, demanding life that I cannot continue!”

Maia, can you be more specific? Look in the mirror! You have a gorgeous apartment that you furnished yourself, and you are wearing brand-new, magnificent clothing, which hints that Adi is taking additional care to thank you. I apologize, but I’m having difficulty following what you’re saying.

You have no idea how often I paid my maintenance after the due date! We’ve been able to finish it so far almost every day. And you believe that will lead to a happy marriage? But what if there are no more options?

Do you think this dress means anything now? Do you realize how much Adi spent on that? With that money, we could pay my electric bills on time.

I find his irresponsibility frustrating. It’s like being a teenager who only cares about having a good time! Do you know where he’s going to be tonight? He’s going to another party.

This put things into perspective for me.