Miami Residents Ignore Stay At Home Orders To Flock To The Shoreline

Hundreds of Miami residents seen flocking to the shoreline to soak up the spring sunshine. Milling around on bikes, boats and even bathing on the sand despite beach closures and strict stay-at-home orders. Temperatures in the Florida city rose above a sweltering 80 degrees on Sunday. And with the scorching sunshine any awareness of COVID-19. Induced lockdowns imposed by the state government seemed to melt away with it. Dozens of maskless and gloveless locals seen rollerblading. Walking or cycling in groups along a pathway by the edge of Miami Beach. Which was close to the public since mid-March? While the main stretch of the beach remained un encroached on a rockier patch at the foot of a woodland. Opening seized upon by dozens of sunbathers, wielding camping chairs and drink coolers.
Other revelers spotted lounging on boats in the harbor, riding on jet-ski’s and even kayaking in the azure waters. As of Sunday evening, Florida has suffered 25,996 confirmed coronavirus cases and has recorded 764 deaths. Despite recording its highest single-day increase in confirmed cases on Saturday. Florida Gov Ron DeSantis gave the green light for some beaches and parks to reopen if they could so safely.

Mayor’s Tweet

Miami Beach, yet, was not included in the motion. The city’s mayor, “Carlos Gimenez”, said that while he is closing in on a plan to allow parks. Marinas and golf courses to reopen, beaches will have to wait.
Miami Beach


Mayor Carlos Gimenez tweeted Sunday that “I’ve seen a lot of buzz on social media from people. Who think beaches in Miami-Dade County are opening up,’ Miami-Dade”. This is not the case. Although we’re consulting with medical experts on the future opening of public spaces. There is currently no timeline for opening beaches.

At the beaches that did open across the state, thousands of people photographed frolicking. In the sand within hours, prompting the #FloridaMorons hashtag on Twitter. Photos taken on Sunday showed locals running, walking, biking and fishing at a Duval County beach. Mayor Lenny Curry said, “Duval County beaches reopened Friday afternoon with restricted hours”.