Mega Stars Who Faced the Mental Disorder of Perfectionism


Perfectionism is a state of mind in which a person strives to be excellent in any field. It can be due to the internal pressure to avoid failure in life and make life an endless report card based on accomplishments. 

Perfectionism is a hallucination, an impossible thing to achieve in reality. The person striving for it can lead to procrastination to avoid the challenges and failures. It can even lead to rigid thinking and a lack of creativity. The grip of desirable success always in every field is what makes perfection so toxic. It can lead to unhappiness and, depression and eating disorders can also accompany it. Unhappily, the perfectionism disorder can transmit through parents to children or sometimes through society to individuals. It can even inculcate through high self-esteem and the mentality to be hard on oneself.

 In the medical world, perfectionism is termed as an Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD), which is a mental health disorder. This type of mental disorder distresses millions all over the world and yet only a few are aware of its existence or acknowledge the effects it has on their lives. That’s why it may come as a surprise to everybody that many of the celebrities or mega-stars face this mental disorder. Here is the list of some of the celebrities who were facing this disorder. 


One of the world’s biggest pop stars with 65 million Instagram followers, goes public about how this mental disorder affects her. ‘I can be really hard on myself wanting to be 100 percent perfect. There’s always something that I wish would have been done differently. And that I could have done better,’ says the pop-star in a recent interview. 

Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter star dealt with serious OCD in his youth. He states that it took him as long as five minutes or more to turn off light because of his compulsions and that seeking help was the most important step he made in coping with the disorder.

Frank Sinatra

Barbara Sinatra — the wife of the late, great Frank Sinatra — shared a little known fact about her husband in her memoir. In it, she states that her husband had an obsession with cleanliness, and would sometimes take as many as 10 showers a day or more to keep himself clean.

Frank Sinatra

Howie Mandel

While the actor/show host had a very successful career, often using his phobias and OCD behaviors as part of his humor and charm. Howie Mandel’s OCD has drastically affected his life. He refuses to shake hands with anyone he meets, often giving a “fist-bump” instead. He even walks around his home with gloves to protect himself from germs.

Charlize Theron

Charlize has organizational compulsions. She describes it as the inability to let someone’s cabinets be messy, claiming she occasionally gets insomnia as she thinks about the disorganized cabinets. On occasion, it’s believed that she will go through even a stranger’s cabinets to ensure they’re in order.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio lived with mild/moderate OCD for most of his adult life. He often feels the urge to walk through doorways multiple times. While he claims to generally have his OCD under control, he says that when playing the lead character in “The Aviator” (a movie with about an individual that suffers from OCD). He stopped trying to control it to do a better job at the lead role. Unfortunately, once he stops himself controlling it, it became harder to control. It took him many months before he was able to limit the hold OCD had on his life.

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Howard Stern

While Howard Stern comes off as a confident man on his long-running radio show, OCD was his coping mechanism for the severe anxiety symptoms he was experiencing as he was coming up with the radio circuit. He engages in numerous compulsions, which he has yet to share, that he uses as a way to cope with the serious stress he experiences regularly.


Cameron Diaz

While the actress has yet to claim she has OCD publically. But everyone knows throughout Hollywood of her unusual obsessions and compulsions. She’s described as a “frequent hand-washer” and has a fear of touching doorknobs. She often opens them with her elbows or scrubbing them clean in her free time.