Koushik Das Vows To Deliver Exclusive News Under The Project, North East Headlines

‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat,’ is one of the famous missions which was declared by our hon’ble prime minister Narendra Modi Ji on 31st October 2015. This mission is declared on the 140th birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

The main motive of this mission is to make an interaction between people of diverse cultures living in different states and UTs of India for more mutual understanding. For this mission, it is very important to give a proper place to every part of the nation. It can help us to strengthen the changing environment and the vision of this mission. 

For this purpose, Mr.Koushik Das established a project named NorthEastHeadline.

Mr.Koushik Das is the founder as well as famous blogger of this project. He said in one of his speeches, “We established NorthEastHeadline to envision the creation of Incredible India by providing an excellent form to the nation’s cultural diversity”. 

This biggest challenge takes a flow in the youth generation. They get inspired by him. Koushik Das is a citizen of Tripura, which is one of the states of North Eastern India, an integral part of India. He founded an online news portal named North East headline.

A lot of people love it and they started reading this portal in a short period. The North-East states are cut off from the beginning, but the people here are skilled. But people of this state can do a lot of things, and are very creative. The culture here is vast, and there is enormous potential for development.

The actual motive of the Northeast headline is to strive to present the vast culture, tourist places, creativity, and cultural heritage of the North-Eastern States on the nation’s platform. This also looks after politics, entertainment, sports, and also in current events. A person can also get the news of covid-19 through this. 

The founder of Northeast Headline Koushik Das always supports people.

He always prefers to publish that news which is true. In this article, one can get that news which is true and helpful. Nowadays their news has become viral and is giving correct information to the people. Nowadays a news post-mortem is being viral on social media.

This becomes a hot topic and after discussing the word for eight to ten days, it is known that it was fake news. This can miss guiding a person. On the other hand, paid news is also fast taking its place. He says that for these fake we started Northeast Headline, for the general public.

Nowadays fake news spreading like water. And it is too challenging to speed a piece of good and accurate news. That is why I made a team and work for it. We always do an analysis for a piece of news, then publish it. For this one can get authentic and accurate information and can not be misguided.

Northeast Headlines have many more purposes. It is not only for news transactions. It helps a lot of people to overcome unemployment. Koushik Dad says if you think this approach is only for spreading news then maybe you are wrong. We want to cure the unemployment of the present year.

For not having a good education and skill our youth are facing a lot of problems. They do not get any jobs. So we are also making an effort to generate employment with the help of North East headlines. 

Now from all regions of the country, we have 100 contributors.

They help us a lot with our work. We are like a team. They always look after every single news and movement of our country. We also have many reporters. They bring such information which is cut from the mainstream in front of everyone.

That news is constructive. We always try to get the creative creations prepared with the help of natural resources in the remote provinces to all of us. Our team is working hard to get more contributors. Our Target is to make it up to a thousand.

Ongoing interview Koushik Das says it is not that we get achievement in one day. We also face a lot of bad times. There was a time when only 200 readers could visit the portal a day, but today more than 20 thousand people read the North East Headline every day. This has now become the first choice of learners.

The main motive of Northeast Headline is to stream the news of the North East region which is relevant and true. We try to establish it in a more elaborate form. If you want to stay connected with Northeast Headline and Koushik Das you can check our social media i.e Facebook and Instagram.