Israeli Scientists’ Say They Found a Breakthrough For Corona

Scientists at Israel’s Institute for Biological Research expects to develop a vaccine for Coronavirus. According to medical sources, scientists have recently had a notable breakthrough in learning the biological mechanism. And qualities of the virus, including better diagnostic capability, production of antibodies. This will be beneficial for those who already have the virus and the development of a vaccine.

The development process requires a series of tests and experiments. This may last many months before the vaccination is out effective or safe to use. The scientists need to first check the authority of the vaccine.

Statement from the Defence Ministry

However, the Defense Ministry of Israel says. “There has been no breakthrough in the efforts of the biological institute to find a vaccine for the coronavirus or to develop testing kits. The institute is working according to an orderly work plan and it will take time. The biological institute is a world-famous research and development agency. This relies on the experience of researchers and scientists with great knowledge and a quality foundation. More than 50 scientists are working at the institute on investigating and producing a medical cure for the virus”.

The Institute for Biological Research is in the central Israeli town of Nes Tziona. It is technically under the surveillance of the Prime Minister’s Office but is in close contact with the Defense Ministry.

Phases of Vaccine

Normally, a long process of pre-clinical trials on animals will be the next phase. Clinical trials will follow them. This phase allows for a full characterization of side effects and a better perception of how different societies will effect. Yet the global crisis over the coronavirus pandemic may accelerate this process. To treat as many people who are most at risk from the virus.

The development of an effective vaccine will end the global crisis caused by the virus.

Israel introduces quarantine standards that are among the most dramatic by any Western nation. This is for intensifying battle against the coronavirus. On February 26, Israel becomes the first country to advise its citizens against all non-essential overseas travel.

The virus is spread to many countries over the world. And is spreading havoc all over. We are yet to discover an antidote for the virus. Many scientists from different countries are working on finding a cure for the virus.