Israel shot back after 3 rockets were launched from Lebanon

The Israeli army said that he had fired artillery shells to Lebanon after rocket shots launched from Lebanon to Israel amid increasing tensions in the region.

“Three rockets were fired from Lebanon to Israeli region,” said the army in a statement on Wednesday, adding that someone had fallen from the border. “Responding to … Artilery troops were fired into the Lebanon region.”

The Israeli Broadcaster Channel 12 reported that one rocket exploded in an open area, and the other was intercepted by the Israeli defence system, known as an iron dome.

Witnesses in Lebanon also reported that several rockets were fired in Israel.

Israel’s medical distributed images from the brush fire and said they treated four people who suffered “stress symptoms”. Not immediately clear whether Lebanon has the victim.

Heard warning sirens from rocket attacks in some Israeli communities, including Kiryat Shmona, near the Lebanon border.

The Israeli military said it had imposed restrictions on civilians in the northern region.

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett said he and Defense Minister Benny Gantz had been “briefed” on developments and supervised responses.

The fire exchanges came a few days after Israel joined other countries in accusing Iran of an apparent drone attack on tankers related to the Israelites, which killed two crew members, and signalled the possibility of retaliation.

Iran denied the allegations and warned it would “respond to possible adventurism”.

On July 20, two rockets were launched from Lebanon Intro Israel, causing damage or injury. The incident came for hours after a Syrian military official said Israel carried out airstrikes near Aleppo, Syria Utara.

In May, rockets were fired from South Lebanon several times in one week – Israeli soldiers said rockets landed at sea.

On May 14, a Lebanese man was shot and killed by Israeli forces after he and other people tried to cross the security fence. On the border with Israel while protesting the support of Palestinians marking the 73rd anniversary of Nakba. What was called Palestine “was confusing them in the war against Israel in 1948.

Israel fought for the 2006 war against Hezbollah, supported by Iran, the dominant force in South Lebanon and had a sophisticated rocket. The border was primarily calm since then.

The government of the guard has carried out Lebanon for almost a year while the currency has collapsed, the work has disappeared, and the bank has a frozen account in the lender called one of the most severe modern financial crises.

The fire rocket is believed by Israeli authorities to have been launched by Palestinian groups based in Lebanon and not the Hizbullah militant group. However, Palestinian groups can’t operate without the approval of Hezbollah.

At the United Nations, spokesman Stephane Dujric said the mission of the peacekeeping u.n. In Lebanon, known as UNIFIL, realized the firing rocket and an Israeli artillery response. He said the Commander of the Unifil, Major General Stefano del Col, submitted a ceasefire and urged the two parties to “run the maximum restraint to avoid further escalation.”