International Flight Updates: Tourists travelling from India, England and 3 other countries can now fly to Germany

On Monday, the German health agency said it would raise a ban on most travellers from India, England, and three other countries engaged in Delta Dead-19 variants in a piece of good news.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said India, Nepal, Russia, Portugal and Britain, is currently registered as what Virus variants are called, will be reclassified from Wednesday as a “high incident area”.

Changes facilitate the prohibition of entering for travellers who are not German residents or citizens. Instead, they mean that anyone will be able to enter as long as they observe the rules of quarantine and testing.

Germany introduced the category of travel “variant variant” virus “to stop the new Coronavirus variant, which has not spread widely on the house’s land. But Health Minister Jens Spahn said last week that the Delta variant quickly became dominant in Germany, which can remove the ban on most Travelers from countries hit by the variant.

Given the increase in the distribution of delta, which was first detected in India, and research that showed an effective vaccine against it, “we will see the situation in the next few days”, said Spahn.

Other details related to the latest Covid guidelines, quarantine rules & others. Chancellor Angela Merkel also signalled the potential for softening in the German attitude towards travellers from England during a visit to London last week. Last month, Merkel called for burdensome restrictions, including more extended quarantine, for people travelling from England, where the Delta variant has caused waves in the case.

But he showed that the attitude could soften because of reviewed the travel advice. We think that in the future, those who have received a double jab will travel again, without having to go to quarantine,” he said.

Only citizens and German residents can enter from a variant country and submit to quarantine for two weeks, regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated or can provide a negative Covid-19 test.

Instead, anyone can enter from the high incident country as long as they provide a negative test on arrival. They must be in principle entering the quarantine of 10 days, but it can end after five days with other negative tests.

Tourists from the high incident area were also released from quarantine if they had been fully vaccinated. Countries where variants besides delta circulating, such as Brazil and South Africa, remain in the variant category. Apart from the increase in the share of the Delta variant. The overall incident in Germany has continued to decline in recent weeks.

RKI reported 212 new cases in the last 24 hours and the incidence of five new infections per 100,000 people for the past seven days.
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The cities mentioned above will begin with a two-week schedule (Thursday and Sunday). Added two more flights (Wednesday and Saturday) from August 4 and finally go air every day from September 3.

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