Hospitals Running Out Of Supplies, Mayor Urges For Help

COVID-19 is going crazy in New York. On Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo reports about 2,000 new cases. And afterward, New York City’s case check went up another 50 percent inside merely hours. The governor had suggested ahead of his news briefing that the day-over-day jump in numbers. He suggests more than 7,500 tests were there overnight. These are nearly a part of what the CDC website says it has done nationally to date. Improving testing capacity leads to more positive tests by default. 

The boom in numbers assists Cuomo to adjust an executive order he issues a day earlier. On Wednesday, the governor states businesses will keep 50 percent of their workforces home. On Thursday, he increases the percentage to 75 percent. This is a data-driven response, Cuomo says. He is adjusting statewide mandates and issuing new ones as per the need. The governor also publishes a 90-day mortgage relief plan as part of his efforts. It is to mitigate the financial influence on New Yorkers and their families.

To date, more than 6,500 people in the tri-state area are infectious with the novel coronavirus with 48 deaths. New York state has more than 5,000 cases solely. But city and state officials say it’s hard to ever have a firm grasp on the numbers because they change for the worse by the minute.

New Jersey witnesses its total surge past 740 Thursday, with Gov. Phil Murphy announcing more than 300 new cases overnight. The Garden State’s death toll rising by four and now stands at nine. Three of the fatalities involve members of the same family. 


Tri-States Take Actions

The three tri-state governors are taking unprecedented joint action. Like banning crowds over 50, restricting restaurants to take-out and delivery, closing schools, and malls to help slow the pandemic. Pennsylvania now is joining that coalition as well and will match the restrictions.

Murphy also states the coalition would join to ask the federal government for a block loan grant, which wants congressional approval and a presidential signature. Meanwhile, to help besides curb the spread in his state, Murphy states that as of 8 p.m. Thursday, all personal care shops that can’t comply with social distancing guidelines will close down indefinitely. This list includes barbershops, nail and hair salons and tattoo parlors.

Isolation Area

Hospitals Practicing to the Max

Cuomo outlines peak infection is still 45 days out. By that point, New York state could need 110,000 clinic beds. This estimate is more than double its current capacity and more than 37,000 ICU beds in the hospital. By now, the state has 3,000 of the later. Hospitals are stretching themselves to the max in New York City.

Statistically, about 80 percent of people who get an infection with the novel coronavirus self-resolve without needing further treatment. Overall, the risk to the general public is low. New York has seen its percentage of cases requiring hospitalization hover around 24 percent. However, New Jersey says Wednesday that a stunning 55 percent of its cases to date needs hospitalization. There just aren’t enough beds.

It is urged for all the readers to be safe at this time and practice social distancing