Haryana’s school to reopen for grades 9 to 12 from July 16, 6 to 8 from July 23

With a Covid case decreasing, the government of Haryana has provided the future to continue the offline class at government and private schools in the state.

According to orders issued by the school education Directorate, the offline class will continue for class IX-XII students from July 16. For class VIII, the offline class will continue from July 23.

The order says that the decision to continue the offline class for I-V class students will be taken later.

According to orders, online classes will continue, and students who want to continue to take it will be allowed to do so. It adds that students will be allowed to attend school only to receive written permission from their parents.

Orders also said that no students would be pressed to attend offline classes at school.

The Minister of Education Harwar Pal told the media that the number of Covid cases in the state had dropped. The decision to reopen the school had considered the situation. He said the decision to continue the offline class for younger students would also be taken if the situation was still under control. The minister added that social distance norms at school and preparation had completed continuing the classroom.

The standard operating procedure (SOP) issued last year regarding physical distance, and other protocols will still apply when schools reopened, order status. It adds that videos are available for students, parents and teachers about how will make offline classes.

The schools in Haryana have been opened after the first wave of the Covid pandemic but must be closed again this year when the second wave encourages daily and death cases.

Minister of Manohar Minister Lal Khattar said yesterday that levelled the Covid curve for now. “Therefore, ascertain the strict Covid-19 compliance, educational institutions must be reopened earlier,” he said in liberation.

By the UNI Ministry of Health, Haryana today reported 55 new Covid cases and 10 deaths. The number of the total active cases in the state stands at 1.034.

All schools were asked to take part in Covid-19 Soup while holding the class. The source in the Ministry of Education said that at first, schools will be opened for three hours every day and will only serve 50 per cent of students.

In a letter to the district education officer on Friday, the Directorate of State School Education said that the study through online mode would continue even though reopened the school. “Students who want to continue their studies through online mode will be allowed to do the same. The students will be called to school only with their parents’ permission. There are no students who can be forced to attend school directly for presence and no pressure will be placed on students for the same thing, “mention the guidelines issued by the Directorate.

The Director of Secondary Education and Director of Basic Education will hold video conferences and officials to eliminate possible doubts about the reopening scheduled for July 12.