Harvard Researchers Warn Social-Distancing Measures Remain Until 2022

Harvard researchers warn social-distancing measures may need to remain in place into 2022

According to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, the United States may require to continue social distancing rules to battle the COVID-19 outbreak until 2022, 

The research appears considering more than 2,200 people died in the United States due to the virus on Tuesday, a report, according to a Reuters tally. Also as the nation discusses how to reestablish its economy. The overall mortality toll in the U.S. from the virus is more than 28,554 as of Wednesday.

Harvard researchers told in their research publishes Tuesday in the journal Science. “Intermittent distancing may be required into 2022 unless critical care capacity is increased substantially or a treatment or vaccine becomes available.” 

Implementing examples of South Korea and Singapore. The researchers say that effective social distancing could decrease the stress on health care systems. And also allow contact tracing and quarantine to be attainable.

NBC News’ medical fellow Dr. Rosemary Guerguerian, states that as with most mathematical models, the researchers’ forecasts are based on presumptions. And they don’t yet know about the virus.

The research confirms that continue social distancing would most likely have extremely negative economic, cultural and educational outcomes.

The analysis also figures that in the state of “apparent elimination,” coronavirus examination should still maintain, as a revival in transmission may be possible as late as 2024. According to the research revival, it is possible that coronavirus may re-emerge each wintertime.

The World Health Organization has recommend that diseases had certainly not yet reach its highest point. Approximately two million people globally have been contaminate. And more than 136,030 have died due to the most dangerous pandemic in a time.

The epicenter has shifted from China, where the virus appear in December, to the United States. Which has now record the most deaths.